Top 20 Health Secrets of Black Pepper
1. The spice of black pepper would be of great use in case you are suffering from regular bouts of cough, for both productive as well as non-productive cough.2. As a home remedy for allergic and persistent cough, take two to three Black Pepper corns, add a few cumin seeds and some salt. Keep this mixture in the mouth and feel the relief.
3. Black Pepper would be of help when suffering from fever. In case of fever, one-fourth tea- spoon of the powder of the crushed spice may be taken along with some water to which sugar has been added. This can be taken three to four times a day.
4. During the first stage of common cold, when you suffer from continuous watery discharge from the nose, Black Pepper again comes to relief. In this condition, half a teaspoon of black pepper powder needs to be boiled in a glass full of milk and taken at bedtime.
5. In case of dry cough, take 2-3 freshly grounded Kali Mirch, add to this some Mishri (crystalline sugar) and ghee in equal quantities and form a mixture. This may be taken two or three times a day for relief.
6. Black Pepper helps in extraction of the dried phlegm and thus provides relief when there is phlegm stuck in the respiratory tract.
7. In case of recurrent respiratory afflictions of cough and cold, here is a home remedy using black pepper which can be easily prepared at home. You need to take the dried herbs of ginger, black pepper and long pepper and ground all the herbs together in equal quantities. This powdered herb mixture is to be taken twice mixed with honey.
8. The Pepper powder may be used to massage the teeth and can provide relief from pain from toothache and its regular massage helps to stay clean of the dental problems.9. In the ailment of Pyorrhoea, when there is purulent discharge from the gums which can be associated with bleeding. For this condition, try giving the gums a gentle massage of Black Pepper powder with some salt added to it.
10. Nasal block is very irritating condition in which the person is unable to breathe properly owing to phlegm which has stuck into the nostrils. In such a condition, Kali Mirch comes as a relief. For this purpose, you need to take the same, to this add the powders of Cardamom, Cumin Seeds and Cinnamon. Mix them in equal quantities and sniff three to four times a day. This helps in opening the block.
11. Black Pepper is also good appetizer. In case of Anorexia or loss of hunger, a small quantity of Kali Mirch or Black Pepper may be taken with some buttermilk for quick relief.12. When there is hoarseness of voice, try taking some Kali Mirch and mishri (crystalline sugar) and masticate the same or simply keep in the mouth. The juice thus produce helps cure the ailment.
13. In case you are suffering from chronic Bronchitis, try chewing Tulsi (Holy Basil) leaves along with some black pepper. Honey can be added to it in moderate quantity.14. Black Pepper also helps in Skin ailments. The most common skin problem is that of pimples and boils. Try this, take some Black Pepper powder and add some ghee to the same. Apply on the affected areas for relief.
15. For relieving Urticaria skin allergy condition, you may take some Black Pepper powder with a glass of warm water twice a day.17. So as to combat seasonal allergic conditions, a decoction may be prepared with boiling Black Pepper, thyme, liquorice root, cardamom seeds, basil and ginger. This needs to be taken warm once or twice a day.
18. The condiment of Black Pepper also makes a good brain tonic. You can prepare this remedy at home. Take some Brahmi leaves and shallow fry in desi ghee (clarified butter). To this add Kali Mirch and some sugar. This mixture can be taken regularly as it not only promotes the power of the brain but is also beneficial for the eyes.
19. In case of failing vision, Black Pepper also provides benefit for enhancing the eyesight. Regular intake of Pepper powder with some honey acts as a boon for better vision.
20. For relieving indigestion, use more of Black Peppers in your everyday diet, supplemented more of kitchen herbs like thyme, fennel, coriander, cumin seeds and asafoetida.
This spice is mainly considered to do away with the diseases related to the Vata dosha (being hot in action) and Kapha dosha (it having light, pungent and intense properties).
Recommended Dosage of Black PepperBlack Pepper needs to be crushed before use and the powder thus produced may be taken in the dose of half to one gram approximately more  

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