10 questions for Govt to answer


1. Most countries have made testing available for free. Why has the Indian government created a two-tier system by allowing private labs to charge for it? How did it arrive at a cost of Rs 4,500 per test (US$60) which is among the highest in the world? What is the central government doing to ensure all Indians have equal access to testing, no matter which state they live in and whether they can afford to pay for the test?

2. Why has the Drug Controller not released the list of Covid-19 testing kits that have been granted import and manufacturing licences? How many of the licenses are based on validation in India and how many on foreign regulatory approvals? What is the breakup between the RT-PCR kits and rapid antibody kits? Will rapid antibody kits be allowed for use in diagnostics for Covid-19 or will their use be limited to the community-level serological surveys announced by the ICMR?

Safety gear

3. With hospitals across India reporting shortages of personal protection equipment for health workers, why hasn’t the government released clear data on the existing stockpile of coveralls, masks, gloves, as well as estimates of future requirements and availability?

4. Why has the central government designated one institute as the sole testing centre for such equipment? In the current lockdown conditions, manufacturers say the centralisation is adding to delays. Why is the central government insisting on the “taped seam” requirement for coveralls when WHO guidelines do not mandate it? Most manufacturers in India say they will not be able to comply with this requirement.

Community-level work

5. Apart from the serological surveys announced by ICMR, what are the other steps that the government is taking to map the scale of the Covid-19 outbreak in the community? Have states started community surveillance for influenza-like illnesses and how will such surveillance take place if public health centres and outpatient departments in hospitals do not function?

6. Currently, all those who have tested for Covid-19 are being admitted to hospitals. In case of a likely increase in the numbers of people infected, what is the plan for isolating those who are mildly sick? Will they be asked to stay at home or does the government have plans to create decentralised isolation facilities at the community or village level? If so, what are the plans?

Healthcare access

7. Why have outpatients services been stopped and how will patients access healthcare and medicines during the lockdown? Has the health ministry issued guidance to ensure there is a functioning level of primary healthcare in every district? What arrangements have been made to ensure patients living with life-threatening conditions like cancer, tuberculosis, HIV that require continuous support are not deprived of critical care? Recognising that these persons are particularly vulnerable in event of Covid-19 infection due to lower immunity, what steps has the government taken to ensure uninterrupted care?

8. Some states have suspended their immunisation outreach programmes and Village Health and Nutrition Day services. Are such closures limited to the 21-day lockdown or will they be extended for longer periods? Does the government have alternative plans to avoid disruption of vital programmes like immunisation?

Health insurance

9. The government has announced Rs 50 lakh cover for health workers involved in the fight against Covid-19. Officials have said the 50 lakh cover is for accidental loss of life. Is this accident insurance or life insurance then? What happens if a health worker needs medical treatment? The finance ministry has said the cover is for three months. What happens if the pandemic extends beyond three months?

10. How many health workers will be covered under this scheme? Who is eligible for the cover – all health workers in the country, or a subset, and if so, how is that defined? What is the size of sum insured and premium that the government will be paying for this? more  

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We all welcome discussion and suggestions on local circle. Mr. Darshan Rao has not presented any arguments or suggestions. He has only presented a laundry list of questions without any idea about what he will do with any of these information.
Mr. Vinayak Rao seems to support him without reason.
Good luck to all of you. Keep arguing.
Criticizing Government or authorities without reason is hinderance in work and attention to fight Covid 19. more  
Dear Dharshan Rao ji , I appreciate your acumen in identifying the need at the hour of Crisis . This is just like a Match between India Vs COVID19 . The player in the field may it be Football, badminton, table tennis goes to meet his opponent with a general guidelines from the Coach and his existing experience. On entering the Arena the player finds it is totally a different ball game. The player can't think anything much exept with a single motive to beat .That is why the coach asks for time out and gives what counter strategies to follow. You are in that position to give suggestions . Normal times we can stop with criticisms and shortcomings, not abnormal situations .

It is not a physical exercis to go on a war footing like in cases of Floods, Fire Accidents . Otherewise people would have wanted to induuct the services of Armed Forces who had also offered their services . But COVID19 has put the creator country itself in a big fix .The cases have started rising there now .

At this juncture there could be suggestions to seek Assistance from the Armed Forces for Kitchens , movement of essentials for day to day needs, providing extra bed capacity in play grounds for the swelling patients to be treated .

Army personnel are Selected ,Trained right through , go through Refresher courses and conduct mock drills continuouslyas long as they are in service. THEY ARE NEVER IN THE OPPOSITION .
- Jai Hind . more  
Looks like Mr. Rao is the auditor general and shooting all kinds of questions to the Government and authorities.
Can he explain what he will do with the information for even one of his question ?
Otherwise he should shut-up. more  
If you do not want to see argumentative discussions, what are you doing here on L . Please get out more  
As if you are the owner of this circle, ARGUMENTATIVE herd can only create fuss. Stay happy with THE attitude... I rest my case, knowing that it can not lead anywhere. more  
Strange mentality of seeking every answer from Minister and Bureaucrats. When we find the question, we can very well provide suggestion, its not a rocket science. more  
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