10 Mistakes Even Good Doctors Make.

10 Mistakes Even Good Doctors Make.

The shocking fact is that despite all the advances in modern diagnostics – with high-tech MRIs, sonograms and sophisticated lab tests – misdiagnosis is by far the most common medical mistake doctors make.

Even good doctors often fail to come up with the correct cause for a medical problem. Studies show that some 15 percent of medical problems are initially misdiagnosed.

A large study published in 2013 revealed that the most common diagnostic mistakes include misidentifying urinary tract infections, pneumonia, congestive heart failure, acute renal failure, and cancer.

Misdiagnoses occur twice as frequently in doctors’ offices than in hospitals, according to a Consumer Reports survey.

“But when the error happens in a hospital it could have more dire consequences because the patients are sicker to begin with,” David E. Newman-Toker, M.D., associate professor of neurology at the Johns Hopkins University of Medicine in Baltimore tells.

Some 160,000 hospitalized patients die or suffer permanent injury each year because healthcare providers misdiagnose a condition, arrive late at a diagnosis, or miss it entirely according to a report spearheaded by Dr. Newman-Toker.

“I tell my patients to always follow the rule of three to avoid becoming a victim of a medical mistake,” he says. “First, when you see your doctor, come prepared. Have a list of symptoms and a timeline that your doctor can read quickly. This saves both of you valuable time and helps pinpoint the problem.

“Next, ask questions. What else could this be? Why do you think it isn’t?

Lastly, be vigilant. If the doctor gives you medication or treatment, find out what to expect. If you aren’t feeling better within the prescribed period of time, go right back to the doctor. You may have received the wrong medication, the wrong dosage, or you may be a victim of misdiagnosis.”

Here are the top 10 mistakes even good doctors make:

1. Misdiagnosis: See above.

2. Treating the wrong patient: If the hospital staff fails to correctly identify a patient’s identity, patients with similar names may be confused. Before each procedure you undergo, make sure the staff checks your entire name, date of birth, and barcode on the wristband. This is especially important if you have a common name (John Jones, David Smith, etc.)

3. Wrong medications: Make sure your doctor knows every drug and supplement you are taking. This can prevent negative interactions between medications. Reveal any allergies you have. Make sure that you can read the prescription and double check with the pharmacist to ensure that the treatment is correct.

4. Lack of hygiene: A doctor’s office or hospital can be a hotbed of germs. Make sure anyone you come into contact with washes their hands. Wash your hands after you leave a healthcare setting.

5. Wrong site surgery: According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, wrong-site surgery is 100 percent preventable. Yet, this horrendous mistake – operating on the wrong body part – occurs frequently enough that some healthcare insurers refuse to include coverage for it. Make sure that your doctor knows exactly what has to be done. Some experts suggest using a marker prior to a procedure to indicate the correct body part.

6. Lack of coordinated care: Disaster can strike when one of your doctors doesn’t know what the others are doing. This can result in over medication, insufficient treatment, and frustration on the part of the patient. Make sure at least one healthcare provider is aware of all of your treatments.

7. Over-testing, treating: More is not always better. Ask whether a test or treatment is required and how it could help you. Chances are you could be better off without it. Be especially wary of diagnostic tests involving radiation, which can be dangerous in cumulative doses.

8. Harmful ER waits: Patients can spend hours in emergency rooms if the hospital is busy, short-staffed, or doesn’t prioritize correctly. If possible, have your primary-care physician intervene on your behalf if you are stuck in a waiting room with a serious condition.

9. Leaving surgical souvenirs: If you have unexpected post surgical pain, ask if you might have a surgical instrument inside of you.

10. Allowing air bubbles in blood: If the hole in a patient’s chest isn’t sealed properly after a tube is removed, air bubbles can get sucked into the wound cutting off the blood supply to the lungs, heart, kidneys and brain. This mistake could be deadly. If you have a central tube in you, ask how you should be positioned when the tube is removed. more  

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mostly doctors after investing huge sum and opening multi speciality hospitals are interested in getting back the amount with unwanted diagnostic procedures. Even the ailment which is visual is undergone so many unwanted tests.Recently I was affected by cellulities and it developed septic. It is beyond anti biotic but he is not ready to accept ir and after a good fight I got discharge and admitted in anoher hospital operated and getting cured. more  
I appreciate it very well .... wrong treatment is mostly after improper diagnosis.... Diagnosis is a method based on 'reductionism' and cartesian view... which is outdated and obsolete now... we should have a 'systems view' or holism, bacause any disturbance in any part of the body disrupts other parts also... or even other family members (thus the universe itself). Books of Deepak Chopra - Quantum Healing, Ageless Body-timeless Mind, etc. shall give insight into such concepts.... I do not believe in conventional 'naturopathy' as is being offered/ available to patients in NC Centers.... I am researching (an honorary work to satisfy my quest for knowing about health recovery and health maintenance), which shall be free from super-imposition of techniques from Chemistry and Physics..... modern diagnostic techniques and application of medicines & other remedies are techniques developed in the science branches of are Chemistry and Physics... while living (human) body is a biological unit. Since the physical body and body-fluids are made up of 'matter (solid & liquid form of energy)of techniques developed in Chemistry and Physics may give immediate, but temporary results (benefits), but in the long run living body would realize the folly being played on it and would start resisting such applications.... dossage of medicines, stimulants, etc. shall have to be increased to get desired results (sugar level, BP level, levels of cholostrol, etc.) .... and side effects shall also start get manifesting.... When (and till) pleasant results are made avilable patients & their dear & near ones are happy... when dose increase, side effects and shrinking purse start bothering them.... perhaps 'wrong treatments' ?? In the present era of 'quantum science' of Albert Einstin Era, so-called diagnosis methods developed in Chemistry and Physics are not relevant.... resulting in 'wrong treatments'.... Objects (living & non-living) are bundles of energy formed when a 'suitable environment' is available and shall be maintained as such till such a 'suitable environment' is available.... when not the objects shall be dismantled back to 'free-flowing & omnipresent pool of energy'. All objects in the universe has a physical body, but depending on awakened condition of their consciounes (pragjna), these objects can be generally classified as (i) in Material state - all non-living objects; (ii) Life State: microbes and other smallest living organisms; (iii) Conscious State: trees & plants and other living creatures including animals & birds; (iv) Self-Conscious State: only human beings. Now all these forms are part & parcel of the universe (which the ancient rushis of Bharat called 'Anandmaya Kosa)..... Olden (treatment) systems like Ayurveda, Greek systems, Yog, etc. have this 'systems view' concept or 'holistic view'. Therefore, the so-called conventional diagnosis do not have much significance in treating/curing a patient, as such there can alwasy be 'wrong treatments'...... but, philsophy, theory of cause, theory of effect and practical application methods of real & pure Nature Cure (Orthopathy - Natural Hygiene) are based to the maximum possible extend on such western science & Indian spirituality.... Sorry.. I do not purport to pin-point short-comings in the posts of others here, but am trying to share some information so as to change our views about conventional treatment methods such that 'sustainable total quality health management' is possible. more  
Sankaran ji, I am primarily not writing about wrong treatment but about the lack of ability of good diagnosis. Whatever the system of medicines used, patient's feedback is always necessary. No matter the claim of any system the one shoe fits all theory is just that, a theory ( which does not come true in practice). If the practitioner lacks diagnostic skills, the patient will never get the right cure and sometimes might also suffer. I do not think that if someone has a virulent form of Cancer, it will cure itself, no matter what the greats of nature cure might propose. more  
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Sanjayakumar ji.... Knowledge is Power... acquire, practice & research on/ develop knowledge/power.. this is the best method for liberation/independence... If we want 'medical independence (as was desired by Gandhiji, etc.), we must learn, practice & develop 'health habits. For this real & pure Nature Cure System is the latest & best one.... Still please note no system developed till date can cure all the diseases. Let us bring light, and not try to expell darkness. Peace time is suitable for learning/knowledge gaining (preparing the weapons) while at war times any method available handy may be opted to to save life. more  
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