*Ever heard of SIX FREE DOCTORS, whose advice is most crucial to a healthy life style? but we do not pay any heed to it as there are no visiting fees. Therefore their value is unimportant.*

*1. SUNLIGHT* - The sun says, spend a little time with me while reading, exercising, listening to music, meditating, even chatting up with friends
Physically andmetaphorically Sunlight is beneficial to all. Giving light, its best, to
everyone, regardless of caste or creed.

*2. WATER* - 6-8 glasses of water in a day,replenishes all the liquids of the body. And H2O is oxygen to every cell in the body. Our body thrives on fresh water. It is the greatest detoxifying agent ever produced. And it is FREE.

*3. AIR* - Your Prana Shakti - Life breath. Just being aware of your breathing for a little while, invigorates every cell in the body. PRANAYAM (deep breathing) is a must, to exhale all carbon and take in all oxygen, in a clean and open environment. It is a luxury today to breathe fresh air. Do not neglect this. Holding a breath and then releasing it, clears all the diseases in the body.

*4. DIET* - After consuming 3 of the 5 natures elements (Ether, Water, Air, Earth Fire) get to the natures produce, vegetables fruits. The amount of cleansing the vegetables and fruit does to the system is amazing. The enzymes thus produced protect every cell in the body. Proteins are present in lentils and yogurt too. Too much meat takes away 70% of the energy to digest it. We are basically herbivores and not carnivorous - by nature.

*5. EXERCISE* - How can anything be consumed without the corresponding arrangement to digest the same? The body must move. Walking can be a good form of exercise. But stretching the body is very essential. Starting from bed, when waking up and then being physically vibrant through the day. Household work is NOT an exercise, it's a chore.
Exercise in a proper state of mind and not under stress or duress.
Relaxation is the reason for exercising a healthy state of mind. Exercise alone and do not rush.

*6. REST* - Last but not the least the 6th
doctor is REST. None of the above is possible without enough sleep, relaxation and rest from meetings a deadline. Rest is the most important
factor which gives impetus to all other 5. So do not neglect it. Resting with beautiful, positive and creative thoughts is of course always
recommended. If you have negative thoughts, keep slogging, so you do not have the time to nurture them.

When resting have all the positive thoughts, nourishing thoughts, the foremost being Thanksgiving to God, followed by love and compassion towards all the relationships. more  

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Durgaji. Wonderful post. If you go to these 6 Doctors every day. You do not have to go to a The Hippocratic Oath physicians and other healthcare professionals. One who follows this Religiously is Guaranteed to make a Century. more  
Thanks. Durga Prasadji your most important six tips are real six natural doctors for long healthy life, useful post.' more  
Extremely useful post - six natural doctors available to all, free of cost more  
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