बैंक की लूटमार

वित्त मंत्रालय ने संसद में बताया है कि सरकारी और पाँच प्राईवेट बैंकों ने मिलकर 2018 से लेकर अब तक जनता से शुल्क के रूप में 35000 करोड़ ₹ वसूले है।

खाते में न्यूनतम रक़म नहीं होने से - 21000 करोड़
ATM चार्ज - 8000 करोड़
SMS चार्ज - 6000 करोड़

हे राम कैसे लुटेरे हैं यह लोग 😡😡😡 more  

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@Ranjit Biswas : If the bank make rule saying that if you come to bank you will get charge, if you use online backing you will get charge & bla bla,. It is really senseless your comment on these kind of fooling done by the government and its business partners. In the current situation country will definitely in critical stage of economy., Please open the eyes and see.,.,., more  
These banks are serving crores of customers and now a days most of the banking services are chargeable because the banks are unable to offer all their services free of cost. More over, the service charges being recovered from the customers are not hidden and well explained to the customers from time to time. Accordingly, if these banks have earned Rs.35,000 crores during a period of five years, how could you called it a loot by the banks? It appears, the mindset of free service era is not yet changed keeping in pace with time. more  
This government is using the public as slave and fool, and using its money through all the possible ways like more GST,panelies,from general public and serve the cronies of the government at publics cost and then boasting everywhere (including parliament) that I have brought the PSU bank in profit.Its our duty to make everyone aware about the governments' attitude towards aam public. more  
It is absolutely wrong to call these charges of 35000 crores s well as blaming Modi for it. Consider the following. 1. At the time of opening the bank account, every customer is told the rules for the operation of the account such as the maintenance of the minimum quarterly/monthly balance and also made to sign an agreement to that effect. 2. Same way, the other rules pertaining to the ATM or cheque transactions for withdrawal of cash per month are informed and the customer is required to follow these. From time to time, the banks also announce any changes and the customer is required to follow these. 3. The customer is also informed the charges which would be levied by the bank if these rules are not followed. 4. The SMS alert is an optional but chargeable feature. In this case also, the customer is told about the charges for these SMS alerts. 5. The bank customer is required to follow these rules and in case of contravention, pay the charges already announced. 6. Why should a customer crib for the charges levied for these contraventions? 7. It is totally wrong for Ms Garima Sharma to call these charges as LOOT and start a wrong topic here just because a member can do so. This half baked knowledge leads to wastage of time for the members. more  
One more thing corporate tax is decreasing and GST collection is increasing,its showing that public money is extracted to support big corporates whereas they are not absorbing unemlployment,see the unemployment data.Its all supporting my thinking that aam publics are being taken for riding. more  
There are several rules for politicians also for their behaviour,public speech,duty performance also while taking the oath they promise the general public to deliver the justice under our constitution and after that they do all the work in contrary,are the rules not valid for them? is our rule not applied to the bank defaulters who fled to foreign countries and there is news that RBI is going to issue guidelines to make agreement with the fleeing industrialist and officially make them eligible for further loans?Why always punishment should come to the aam public and olive branches go to the big guys? I think just for any selfish reason you are supporting these kind of penalties for aam public., in that way you are endangering the coming generations,which you must be aware of that. more  
Is there any penalty for inefficiency, unaccountability in the banks? Is there any data available on such matters? more  
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