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    Tuesday, December 29, 2015

    Has demonetisation impacted your startup or SME business. This circle with over 30,000+ participants brings together established entrepreneurs, starting up entrepreneurs, future entrepreneurs and anyone who is associated with the start up/doing business ecosystem in India. It enables all to share issues, share experiences, find references about investors, mentors, service providers, how to get something done as well as find potential partners for your business. Collective issues raised by entrepreneurs are raised with the various Central and State Government Stakeholder so setting up and doing business in India continues to become easier. Any policy updates are also shared on a near real time basis. So, become part of the largest Start Up and Doing Business online ecosystem of India, get value for your business and help make starting up and doing business, easier in India! Once a member, you will also be given access to your city's local Start Up/Doing Business circle so your start up/business can benefit on the ground in various ways.

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