What is land acquisition bill??

Big question if one reside in the area for many years, can they make it their property which law support this. Then what for registration of lands, documents are maintained??

As per my understanding may or may not be right. There are many solutions hidden from his talk. The previous Land Acquisition bill says that the lands cannot be acquired for the irrigation, roads, etc. He also added that the rural areas are to be developed. When these 2 statements are linked says that where the people live and wants their children go for schools easily even during the rainy season needs the actual development which means people will voluntarily leave the government to utilize the land for the roads. In many places, even those areas where people beg for the roads, are not provided with the facilities.

Every time a layout of any place is designed they may not live the place for irrigation but would live a reasonable space for the roads why are they not being utilized in the rural areas because as in urban they are not going to have traffics. When farmers get huge subsidy for their loss during the rainy season why are they not supporting the government to spend the same money for irrigation purpose or constructing dam? As they take steps to dig the well, etc it is their duty to support the government to construct dams. Most of the farmers try to sell their agriculture lands for the industry purpose to any of the business man to gain the profit they expect the same profit from the government which makes them to fight against the Land acquisition Bill. more  

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Failure of public administration in Governments all the where started only on this count since many Bulk Land Possessors and those illegitimate possessors are only the wealthy and note-worthy in the Society that made the Politicians to share and keep silent . Smt. Indira Gandhi had to separate all such those from the Congress Party of India and later , realize and be in alliance with the Congress ; O ; Urs ; S ; J ; etc., and LD ; JD ;set the balance as Congress I and , later , the NCP YSRCP LIKE LIKES OF THE ORIGIN . The Indian Policing ; I A S ; Vigilance ; Anti Corruption ; Investigation etc., etc., and , IRS & IFS , all set to so so . Now, there is the need of taking up a Resurvey at ease and in the absolute decision of the PM Cabinet and is a must also through co-relating the Land Title Records of both REVENUE & REGISTRY . more  
The biggest hurdle in land acquisition is the compression the owner gets and whether he gets it at all or not. Once the norms are fixed, the onus of giving the compression should be with the entity which gets the land and land transfer must be made only after the original owner gets his dues agreed in the agreement more  
How to initiate it??? is this question is the problem of the government. Why don't they make the government advocates to work for the same?? more  
This Resurvey not only Saves & helps governments , but also helps the poor public to get free education & low cost Medicare with these Lands Worth . Secondly , this is the best method of identifying above 60% Black Money stacked in India and SO, IS A MUST FOR EASY ADDRESS & REDRESS . more  
1. A Retired Colonel is the first person that staged that there is the need of Resurvey and settle the lands . 2. I had many times reiterated that this if taken-up , clears off all sorts of obstacles including oppositions those supported by the illegitimate land holders . 3. But still , this present Government is still to realize or dare to step up . 4. Of course , their best step of withdrawing the whole Bill of Land Acquisition while reinstating the 13 set off laws is a wise option that may now lead either to a reasonable solution or the Resurvey that not only clears off all illegitimate land holdings bringing Bumper Land Stocks all over India to vest the Government as per the Land Ceiling Acts already existing and in Full Force besides Land Acquisition Laws already existing . 5. The Governments shall also direct all the Industrial Infra Structure Corporations etc., of that nature to inspect and Seize all those idle lands which are thousands of Acres in almost S E Z AND , in almost PARK named Ventures . IF THE GOVERNMENTS DARE NOW AT THE ACUTE PUBLIC INTEREST WITHOUT CONCEDING THEM TO BE UNDER THE SAME SOFT AND SUPPORTING CORNER TO THOSE POLITICALLY SUPPORTING BUSINESSMEN & ILL-WEALTH WHITE ELEPHANTS . more  
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