Are there any vaccines to be given after 8 years of age to kids? more  

so after 8 years of age you have to give typhoid vaccine every 3 years, influenza vaccine every year,Tdap at 10 years of age, and also HPV vaccine to girls.
however in case you have missed any of previous vaccine like hepatitis A you should give those also. more  
Following is the vaccine schedule followed in india as recommended by indian academy of pediatrics. By this you will know which vaccines need to be given to your child.

following is the schedule of vaccination recommended by indian academy of pediatrics.
By this you will know as to which vaccinations you need to give to your child

Table -recommended by Indian Academy of Pediatrics
Birth - 15 days BCG + OPV (zero dose) +HepB1
6 weeks - 8 weeks IPV1# + DPwT1 + HepB2 + Hib1 + Rotavirus1 + PCV1
10 weeks- 12 weeks IPV2 + DTwP2 + Hib2 + Rotavirus2 + PCV2
14 weeks - 16 weeks IPV3 + DTwP3 + Hib3 + Rotavirus^^ + PCV3
6 month HepB3 + OPV1 +influenza vaccine 1st dose.
7 months Influenza vaccine 2nd dose and thereafter one
dose every year before winter season.
9 months (completed) MMR vaccine + OPV2
12 months Hepatitis A1
15 months MMR1 + Varicella* + PCV booster
18 months IPV booster1 + DTwP booster1 + Hib booster1 + Hepatitis A2
2 years Typhoid1 (give repeat shots every 3 years)
5 years OPV5 + DTwP booster2 +MMR^ + Varicella*
10 - 12 years Tdap/Td (Every 10 years then give Td)+ HPV**

DTwP is recommended. DTaP should be given in certain specific conditions only.
#IPV can be replaced with OPV when IPV is not feasible.
**HPV is given only in females (3 doses at 0,1-2 months and 6 months interval)
^^Rotavirus 3rd dose may be required only with one brand.
^MMR 2nd dose can be given at any time 4-8 weeks after the first dose
*Varicella 2nd dose can be given anytime 3 months from the first dose
PCV= Pneumococcal conjugated vaccine, IPV= Injectable polio vaccine, Tdap = Tetanus toxoid + adult dose of pertussis and diphtheria toxoid, HPV= Human papilloma more  
In case of girls, Cervarix(for prevention of cervical cancer),after the age of 10yrs more  
Shikha, Td/Tdap (Tetanus diptheria vaccine along with acellular Pertussis) vaccine is given at 10-12 years of age to all boys and girls. Girls need to be given HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) vaccine at ages 9-14 years. Besides these, your child may be due for Typhoid shot if 3 years have passed since the last shot. Now, Typhoid conjugate vaccine is available which do not require boosters. Influenza yearly shot are required till 9 years of age.
For more detailed info, you can see
You can also participate in discussions related to immunizations on
You can also register for free vaccination reminders based on your children’s personal immunization history at more  
Typhoid vaccine is given every three years ,so that is due at this age. If you are giving yearly flu vaccine ,that is due also. Besides that you can show your card and see the other vaccines that can be given. more  
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