Swindling of funds from State Govt Programs

As citizens, we regularly read about how those in power continue to create mechanisms to swindle funds from Govt missions and programs. As a result, some politicians, bureaucrats and contractors get rich, while citizens are devoid of essential and critical services as there aren’t any funds available. One example is that majority of the districts of India don’t have basic rescue equipment which costs less than 20 lakhs.

We seek your specific inputs on major areas at state/local level where you have either seen misuse of funds because of corrupt practices as well as areas that are continuously ignored despite being of high public importance.

We look forward to your inputs! more  

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Funds utilization had been set with a view to apportion for Swindling by Corrupt Staff, Contractors and relevant Businessmen. Funds are set for temporary measures opting Vote Bank preferences - rather than - permanent opportunities/ facilities for earning Adequate means of Livelihood.
Shirking the fundamental responsibility over the Directive Principles of Rule that boost Adequate Means of Livelihood MISCARRYING THE DIRECTIVES OF Article 36 and 37 is the root cause for all such WAYS , MEANS , SOURCES .
States are misusing the objectives of Article 14, 15 (4) , 38 , 41 and even 46 .
1. Value Base conditioning Bank through payment compensation shall be mandated for all including PDS
2. All Government payments shall be mandated for payment only to those tender Aadhar Card possession [in case of Institutions/Enterprises, the Aadhar of those authorized and operating Bank A/c]
3. Aadhaar Card Linkage shall be made compulsory for all LOANS, SUBSIDIES, GRANTS etc
4. Certified submission of Funds Utilization including the Central and State shall be mandated for all release of payments/advances
5. Report of CAG shall be mandated as liable for all Governments and penal actions shall be initiated on misuse/ misrepresentation/ mis-allocation more  
Public Works Department and District Panchayat are two major source of leakage. The government machinery is unsuccessful even after information given to them. It plays in the hands of corrupt officers and politicians. Please visit https://SanjayKDalal.BlogSpot.In for more details. more  
This system of Swindling Govt Funds carried since Long partly being used by POLITICAL PARTIES TO SPEND FOR CATCHING VOTES IN ELECTIONS. The reports of E.C. in all Elections prove this and the present score of 36% Convicts in Parliament and Legislatures SIGNIFICANTLY PROVE and , to be curbed implementing strongly the Corruption Controlling methods opted by present BJP LEAD NDA GOVERNMENT. more  
Utmost thing is removal of human interface for any tendering and payment process, while making use of digitisation of all processes to maximum with transparency. If any payment is held back for services rendered, then there must be accountability of the concerned officer for the same
All civil servants must declare full assets of all family members, every 2-3 years and regular checks must be made on them, specifically in procurement, payment, revenue services for better controls too, as major money is involved in tendering, payments for works/ services and revenue assessment services and hence all need to be checked vigorously more  
State level are full of corrupt practices,example road laying 1- location is shown differently.2- the specification ,length ,breadth, thick ness , preparation of bed is fluted 3- The approval by JE, AE,DE, SE, CE is by bribing .4- payment modality advance payment not to be done 5-stoppage work in the midst of laying for what ever reason 6- Penalisation for badwork, wrong specification, wash out with in stipulated period .
If one. Aspect like road laying can have this what about rest .
Per centage of commission paid to the local politician likeMLA ,municipal councillor,MPfor it is done in his jurisdiction.
More in govt works like roads and buildings——the number of daily wagers( muster roll) is fake worker working else where is shown , personal servants of engineers are shown ,extra numbers are shown to draw more money and this is misuse of govt fund
MN REGA is also similar ,funds are systemically manipulated.
Procurement commissions from sources
School mid day meal programmes - Many schools have not enough children on their rolls but shown to draw mid day meal funds.
Contingency funds are used in some vip s place and shown in the departments HQ.
This are only the tip of ice bergs ,it is exhaustive to describe . more  
Only to be away from CORRUPTION CONTROLS of BJP Congress and some States aligning TO DEFEAT NDA RULE IN INDIA.
Multiple Lakh Crores National income, Govt Funds, Public Finances had been set for LOOT Cheating their own innocent Citizens keeping Police and Judiciary Insufficient and Inadequate.

This is GROSS INJUSTICE TO CONSTITUTION ITSELF. Congress in support from their Allies repeatedly denied SC DIRECTIONAL ORDERS , JUDGMENTS in 1960, '63 , '83, '87, 92 and '95 while went against E.C. in 1991, 2013 , WHICH RESULTED IN A CJI TEARED HIS EYES; A CJI PREFERRING PERIODICAL MEETINGS WITH EXECUTIVE; A CJI SERIOUSLY COMMENTED ON Convicts Organizing Political Parties and even appointing his Proxy to Rule in the Country.
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