Standardizing Prices for COVID-19 treatment in private hospitals

Some of you have shared information about how some private hospitals are charging exorbitant rates for COVID-19 treatment. Efforts by some of the LocalCircles members has led to results in Maharashtra. With this post we seek your specific inputs on what can be done to ensure COVID-19 treatment and ICU/room/ward charges at private hospitals are not exorbitant.

Look forward to your inputs!

Below are some of the issues listed by you in regards to the healthcare sector in the past that can be referred to.

Issues identified with Healthcare previously

1.Patients are asked to take unnecessary tests.
2.Rate of tests like MRI, CT scan etc. are way higher in private hospitals than outside.
3.As a money-making exercise, many hospitals straight away suggest surgeries in cases where it might not immediately be needed.
4.If the patient has insurance, the hospitals keep them admitted for a longer duration of time and bills are inflated.
5.Patients are kept on ventilators even if there is no chance of recovery.
6.Room rates in private hospitals are very high.
7.Many private clinics/hospitals encourage to pay bills in cash and also give forged bill.
8.In place of generic medicines, branded costlier medicines are recommended.
9.People with health cards, medical insurances extra also lured into unnecessary treatments, procedures and surgeries.
10.Doctor's compensation is linked to revenue contribution in many private hospitals.
11.The grievance cells in private hospitals are terrible
12.Customer complaints are not addressed properly
13.Patients are asked to get admitted even if they don't really need admission and room.
14.Patients stay in the hospital is unnecessarily prolonged for additional revenue.
15.Unnecessary tests are ordered just to increase revenue.
16.Consultation fees in private hospitals is very high.
17.Room rent in private hospitals is similar to 4 and 5 star hotels.
18.The rates of tests are also very high in private hospitals compared to the outside labs.
19.Patients with insurance are charged more compared to the others.
20.Patients from EWS section entitled to treatment are discouraged by making them buy expensive medicines and do extensive paperwork.
21.There are long waiting times to see the doctor.
22.Appointment system is not up to the mark in many hospitals.
23.There is corruption in most departments at Government hospitals.
24.The disposal of various kinds of wastes is a serious issue.
25.Medical devices used for patients are charged at MRP or even above MRP.
26.There is no transparency in billing at most hospitals where prices of medicines, consumables and services are not itemised. more  

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Excellent work more  
UP joins the price capping bandwagon. Congrats circles!! more  
Sir,the fundamental complaints against the private superficiality corporates has to be addressed by controlling them lest it may boomerang on the governments .
It is the duty of the elected governments to protect the commoner.
Before fixing the rates they must send costaccountants and auditors to study and calculate the costs individually inallcities.This might differ depending on staff,infrastructure etc,so a fixation of Actual cost with a additional.margin of 15% may be appropriate .
Categorization of hospitals and fixation of cost (charges)for individua! Hospitals must be intimated and insisted upon .
A emergency ordinance should be declared for covi d epidemic to prevent exploitation and punish theguilty.The
All hospitals should have a government official desk attending to the complaints immediately and report immediately to central.govt covi d task force.
Daily blames and news items on irregularities and tv visuals give a bleak picture on the performance of governments.
The state needs to micromanage the big giants in health sector.
Or let central govt pay the actual cost to the corporate and the citizens pay the govt counters.
This will stop blackmail and release of dead bodies .
A ombudsmen must be appointed to rein the sharks.
The lacuanae of govt hospitals must be noted on the spot by govt rep and notified.
The empty beds and unwillingness to join almost empty hospitals reflects the state of facilities in state hospitals .
If govt does not interfere ,it will lead to further chaos and Disenchantment against the ruling govts. more  
Business and Professional Rights of EDUCATION, HEALTHCARE, AGRICULTURAL AND SERVICE Sectors need to be Regulated under the Sanctity, Responsibility and Integrity towards Humanity, Morality and Social Justice . more  
Price capping has been done in andhra pradesh as well. Thanks for this movement more  
You can go on crying in this circle. Nothing will happen. even if some restrictions are imposed, the hospitals will find new ways to loot. more  
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