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As Swachh Bharat Mission completes 5 years soon, we would like to take this opportunity to have you rate Road and Street cleaning department of your municipality.


If you do not find the department listed, please add it and submit your rating.

These ratings will help the Central Government better evaluate performance of municipalities and drive necessary action. more  

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This is rather a difficult issue in India. Thbe reason is that for example total gove staff overall is "X". 90 to 95 % of theme never work. But keep talking meaninglessly. This is existing in all departments across the country from the bottom most to top PSC cadres of various discipline. 95 % of them never work. Country runs with the mercy of remaining 5% of staff, probably they are fools in the minds of 95% useless gen staff. There should be a method to force the 95% staff to work. The best way is to defer salary payment by a month or two, during that time assess fulfilment level by staff and proportionately pay them in the second or third month. If done every dept will start showing results and all tasks including Swatch Mission will be grand success. The biggest enemy is the government staff, who never worked in the past and keep doiung that even now. Hit them at belly, by withdrawing pension(if not contributed by them), and other benefits from date of retirement. Reason is simple, they never worked during the career except getting salary on scheduled date for no work done. The beeded actions are 1. Retire serving top three cadres and elevate next three to fill up that. There may be criticism, it is all from uneducated literate lazy group. 2. Discourage opening new colleges, instead open Technical Training Centres and convert all sick existing schools and colleges as technical training centres. 3. Existing teachers in the instiutuitions should be adviced to undergo technical tewaching course if they wish to remain in the converted instituitions. Reluctance is acceptance to get involved directly in field to clean up the city/town/village envirnment etc. 4. Tax payers are not fools these lazy unskilled to fool them. It is time to show trheir own place in the society by the tax payers. more  
All Govt. Depts. are equally bad. Reason? No one is personally responsible for any wrong action or inaction resulting in violation of law. How do we make them RESPONSIBLE? Following is a probable solution:
1. Define clearly responsibility of each level of executive.
2. Top executive of every department is personally responsible for for all errors down the line and is liable for termination of service along with executive/s down the line. The responsibility of enforcement of rules is always with the a top executive jointly and separately with executives below.
3. Every Dept. MUST prepare a plan, that is published for public to know and react, for five years. Completion of the plan is certainly the responsibility of chief Executive and failure should mean removal from service (not Transfer) of Chief Executive. Today most of the Public (Govt.) servants ensure that they do not do anything, as, if no work is done no mistake is made and no adverse remark is possible. There is no system defining + points and a precondition for annual increment that so many + points should have been earned.
ACR by the boss makes subordinate to give undue importance to buttering the Boss - much more than the work expected to be performed by him. This system should be replaced by a computer assessment of work done by each individual employee. There are cases in Secretariat (Maharashtra) where replies have not been given for over three years and no heads have rolled.
4.Tenure of Commissioner of every Municipal Corporation should be 5 years to enable him to complete his plan and/or give his report of success and failure of his tenure. His continuation should be with the approval of people. This mandate should be obtained along with general election. This is expected to make Corporations people's need oriented execution.
To summarise A] permissible time for each type of work is defined. B] Value of credit and discredit is entered in computerised service record of each individual. C] Annual increment, transfer, promotion are accorded by conditions as programmed in computer. No manual change in program should be possible without written/recorded permission from Chief Secretary of Secretariat of State.
D] Stoppage of annual increment, transfer, Termination of services for non performance/wrong performance - wrong actions (resulting in - points) as determined by computer MUST be executed without any delay.
RYK. more  
This is the worst ever government department, following are my suggestions

1) Identification of all the local vendor;s including those street vendor's or road side vendor's must be done by state government or PWD department of that particular city/town/village.And ID card must be issued
2) Government must provide insurance to these streets and road side vendor's in the form of subsidy and government must debit the insurance amount from their account automatically depending upon the type of product being sold and total daily wise earning.
3) Street Vendor's/roadside vendor's must be provided a permanent space for selling their product in authorized area by PWD department of that particular state and government must collect rent on monthly basis. The rent must be decided on monthly total earnings and profit being earned my that particular vendor.
4) Clause for implementation of heavy fine ban on selling of product must be passed in the for of bill by each state government if any authorized road side/street vendor found selling his/her product at unauthorized/restricted area.
5) Awareness and training of staff must be given by PWD department of that particular state and this must be the optional and must be decided by local/street/road side vendor if required training fee must be charged by PWD department.
6) Regular inspection on quality of food must be conducted by FSAI or its governing body or local bodies or state/central government appointed agencies all over india. more  
Dirties Roads, Over flowing Drainage, Pits of Roads, Badly Built by corrupt Contractors - Tough roads to travel & Negotiate - It is a nightmare to live in Hyderabad more  
I have mentioned earlier also the road condition in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan is very poor. There are pot holes, broken roads and any amount of requests fall in the deaf ears. The municipality here simply have no desire to improve. Would request competent authorities to visit the place for inspection. I will volunteer to accompany them for site visit. more  
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