Reservation in India: How should Modi Government 2.0 reform it

In January 2019, when the Government had announced 10% reservation based on economic status of people, many of you had shared inputs. Now that Modi Government 2.0 is taking charge, what steps should be taken to reform this area of Reservation.

For reference, below are the issues that some of you had outlined with how reservation works in India. We look forward to your inputs!

Reservation System:Key Issues
1.Caste based Reservations are the biggest enemy of meritocracy
2.Caste based reservation system leads to breeding of corruption
3.Beneficiaries under this system are taking advantage of it
4.It leads to undeserving people getting jobs, promotions, admissions in schools\/colleges, etc.
5.On the other hand, it leads to deserving people being left in a state of lurch
6.This also leads to brain drain and capable people looking for jobs elsewhere
7.People with caste based reservations get an upper hand when it comes to jobs
8.Selection criterions for them are set at low standards
9.People get good government jobs through their quota but are not able to do justice to their work
10.Families who are financially pretty well off also use the quotas and try to rake in as much as possible
11.This reservation system propagates politics and causes many demonstrations leading to violence. more  

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as per me cast/ community/ religion/ region based job reservation is like cancer affected cells for economic, social and strategic progress of the nation. it spoils cells around it and spreads. the purpose of such reservation in our country is not for the poor , it is for political benefits to certain agencies and fooling the general public. this has prevented job creation and task enrichment aspects in employment. more  
Dr Ambedkar's confined concept, Supreme Court's directives, Constitutional Mandates also guaranteed Principles of Rule irrespective of Cast, Creed , Race and Religion.
But community oriented Congress and it's Alliances neglecting these even caused for Religious preferences AND SHALL BE ERADICATED. more  
As long as Govts propose Reservations to poor promoting Castes, HCs, SC cannot deny. SC mandate of deletion of Creamy layer is only remedy to carry JUSTIFIED PROVISION AS CONFINED BY SC IN 1963 and in other other Judgments like that of 1987. GOI NEED TO MOVE AN ORDINANCE OR A BILL FAST so that Revision of Status can be applied deleting Creamy Layer by Gandhi Jayanti or, by 1st January 2020. more  
Reservations based on caste system and populations leading to undeserving people getting ahead of deserving by merit.
As already discussed a lot of times .
This can be terminated phase wise in twenty years from now.Otherwise complete overhaul the rules of reservation.
The benefit of reservation must be up to first graduation only.
Once the family attains a higher income level( creamy layer ) it can be denied to the family.
Remove reservation in promotion and jobs both government and private.
As a method of encouragement to all bank loans ,scholarships must be given liberally as in US for further studies with guarantees of repayment al low interest rates .
Free education up to graduation level to all must be ensured .
All fees to colleges must be standardised including professional. more  
As amended in '90 Reservations to END BY 2030. AS confined by SC Creamy Layer to be deleted in 2020, 2025 in computing revision. more  
very good subject; Reservation should be based on economically backward people of SCs and STs only those families so far they have not enjoyed any benefits from the quota system and rural people Further the percentage of frauds and misappropriation in banks and in other public sector concerns are done by those people of SCs because they are backed and blently supported by their SC associations, and they are recognised by the concerned employers like Railways, Banks Insurances companies and they have been given special power to negotiate with the concern managements and the team of SC Associations entering into threatening the managements and insisting not to take any action against the fradulent staff. My suggestion is please derecognise the SC/STs Association from the public sector concerns and they should be treated equally with all other staff. If you call for the datas of fraudulent activities you will be clear of my views. Further I write to inform you the recent incidents happed in Indian Bank Tirunelveli Circle Tamilnadu. One Chief Manager belonged to the concern category sanctioned 150 tractor loans through various Indian Bank branches found became NPAs the modosoperanti is that they have sanctioned loan of Rs.10 lakhs for a tractor by over invoicing the tractor cost, the orininal cost of the tractor was Rs.5.50 lakhs only and the balance of Rs.4.50 lakhs was taken by the dealer and by the staff concerned. But this incident/fradulent activities were so far not informed to CBI I think so because of intervention of SC/ST Associations preventing the managements to take any kind of action against those who have done the fradulent activiites. Like this lot of cases in all public concerns and so the efficiency of the public sector concers are comimg down. So reservation may be only for ecnomically backward SC/ST people that only on appointment not in every stage of promotions. more  
The policy of reservations in employment , education and legislative institutions should be reviewed every five years. The Government should review the test and if a class reaches the state of progress where reservation is not necessary it should delete that class from the list of the backward Classes. THIS SYSTEM DIRECTED BY S.C. NEEDS TO BE ENFORCED justifying Reservations to be Constitutionally bound.

Article 16 (1) There shall be equality of opportunity for all citizens in matters relating to employment or appointment of office under the State.
(2) No citizen shall, on grounds of any religion, race, caste, sex descent, place of birth, residence or any of them, be ineligible for , or discriminated against in respect of , any employment of office under the State.
[ Article 12 and 36 : ‘The State’ includes the Government and Parliament of India and the Government and the Legislature of each of the State and all local or other authorities within the territory of India or under control of the Government of India.’]

A] Article 16 guarantees equality of opportunity in matters of appointment in State Services . It does not, however, prevent the State from prescribing the necessary qualifications and selective tests for recruitment for Government services . The qualifications prescribed may, beside mental excellence , include physical fitness , sense of discipline , moral integrity , loyalty to the State . The character and antecedents of candidates may be taken into consideration for appointments in Government Services while observing reasonable ground and nexus between the qualifications and the object that is , the post or the nature of the Service . And So , IT IS THE ISSUE OF SKILL IN THE PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION TOO . [ AIR 1956 SC 520 ]

B ] Article 16 [4] must be interpreted in the light of Article 335 which says that the claims of the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes shall be taken into consideration consistently with the maintenance of efficiency of administration. The reservations for backward classes should not be unreasonable. It should be considered having regard to the employment opportunities of the general public . [ AIR 1972 SC 1375 ]

C ] AIR 1963 SC 649 ..” It does not mean that once a caste is considered backward class then it should continue to be backward for all the time. The Government should review the test and if a class reaches the state of progress where reservation is not necessary it should delete that class from the list of the backward Classes “

D ] In 1985 S.C. in the case: AIR 1985 SC 1495 : directed 1. The Reservation in favour of the SCs. and STs. must continue as at present that is, without application of a means test. for a further period of 15 years . Another 15 years will make it 50 from the commencement of the Constitution , a period reasonably long for these classes to overcome the baneful effect of social oppression , isolation and humiliation ;
2. the means test, that is, the test of economic backwardness ought to be applicable even to the SCs. and STs. after 15 years { after 2000 AD } ;
3. so far other backward classes are concerned two tests should be applied :-
a. that they should be comparable to the SCs. and STs. in the matter of their backwardness ;
b. that they should satisfy the means test such as the State Government may lay down, in the context of prevailing economic conditions ;
4. the policy of reservations in employment , education and legislative institutions should be reviewed every five years or so. This will afford an opportunity to the State to rectify distortions arising out of particular facts of the reservation policy .
E. S.C. confined that :- “ National interest would suffer if qualified and competent students were excluded from admission in institutions of higher education .”
“ The qualifications prescribed may , beside mental excellence , include physical fitness, sense of discipline , moral integrity, loyalty to the State “ needs Education upto Graduation .
“ Merit consists of a high degree of intelligence coupled with a keen and incisive mind, sound knowledge of the basic subjects and infinite capacity for hard work and also calls for a sense of social commitment and dedication to the cause of the poor “ [ { 1984 } 3 SCC 654 ] .
F. The S.C. also did not accept reduction of Marks from 45 , to 40, and 40 to 35 on the concept that the backward classes quota could not be filled . The S.C. also confined that even in quota system , the Merit shall be preferred in allotting Seats and Merit shall not be ignored . S.C. in 1983 and 1985 said that
" Merit consists of a high degree of intelligence coupled with a keen and incisive mind , sound knowledge of the basic subjects and infinite capacity for hard work and also calls for a sense of Social Commitment and dedication to the cause of the Poor " THIS CLEARLY AND OBVIOUSLY STAGES THAT AS ALONG AS THE MERIT IS IGNORED , THERE CANNOT BE THE FULFILLMENT & ACHIEVEMENT OF ==" Sense of Social Commitment and dedication to the cause of the poor FOREVER == "
G. {1993} 1 SCC 645 :- “ the fundamental rights and directive principles are supplementary and complementary to each other and the provisions in Part III should be interpreted having regard to the preamble and Directive Principles of the State Policy . The Directive Principles are also relevant to consider what are reasonable restrictions under Article 19. Article 19 permits the imposition of reasonable restrictions on the fundamental rights. A restriction which promotes any objective embodied in the directive Principles is usually considered reasonable by Courts of law . “
H. The above A to G Constitutionally mandates enforcement of the directives of Supreme Court Judgments, AIR 1963 SC 649 as well as AIR 1985 SC 1495 strictly please. more  
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