Remdesivir Availability

I was talking to some folks in Pharma Dept Govt of India yday and was told that they received a LocalCircles letter on April 11 which was then taken seriously by officials.

Subsequently all state controllers have been directed to act to stop the black marketing and exports have been stopped.

I am proud to be in your circles. More power to localcircles members who go beyond themselves to make things better for more than themselves 👌👌🙏🙏 more  

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It is a matter of shame and we should not call ourselves as democratic country. Today it is worst than the dictatorship. Because of fight betweeen the central Govt and state govt due to purely on personal reasons that peopkle are dying on the hospital bed. Worls is laughing at us. Further the so called friends (USA) has ditched us by putting imbargo on export of required raw material for vaccine. So with two local murder the third is USA. Like fools when Trump asked for tablets we sent it a plane load of it. For every silly thing our Judiciary steps in as if they do not have any work. CJI please look into your own house. See how cases are being prolonged for no reason why because lawyer make money, judges gets their share, court staff gets it and then the judge who takes maximum time to give judgement is considered to be the best judge. Situation has come if someone has to fart in public he may have to get apex court approval one day. Now people, above 18 years must pay for vaccination. MAY I KNOW WHY GOVT TAKES SO MUCH OF TAX THAT THEY CANNOT PROTECT US. WHY SHOULD I PAY FOR VACCINATION WHEN I AM NOT AFRAID OF DEATH. IF GOVT HAS TO BREAK THE CHAIN AND PROTECT INFRCTION FROM SPREADING THEN GOVT WILL HAVE TO PAY ELSE VACCINE WILL REMAIN ON THE SHELVES. At the end of the day if I get covid I will die on the bed as such because there is no medicine no oxygen etc etc. There is another natural calamity coming in November and December. more  
Govt initiative required to ramp up production and proper distribution. more  
Compulsory Quarantine at International Airport/ Seaports for all International Travellers. --------------------------------------- Ancient Europe had developed mechanism to stop spread of pandemics like black plague through institutional quarantine. Traders had to undergo 60 day quarantine while passing through different kingdoms. India should implement mandatory 14 day institutional quarantine for all individuals crossing India's border at international airports/ sea ports AT OWN COST as that is best form of testing all mutations of corona virus . This method has proven effective in Australia and NZ where virus spread have been effectively controlled. Current rule of providing negative Corona test result at International airport is flawed since viral load takes time to build before coming in test results. That is why many travellers from India carrying negative test result became postive in Hongkong/NZ upon arrival. Consequently, these countries have banned travellers from India. Also, it opens avenue for corruption and regular Indian jugaad. India shouldn't only do curfews, mini & macro lockdown, compulsory RT-PCR TEST to counter the 2nd waves of Covid Pandemic rather must stop importing CHANGED VARIANTS OF VIRUSES THROUGH INTERNATIONAL TRAVELLERS COMING VIA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORTS OR SEA PORTS. Covid 19 didn't ORIGINATED in India. It has come to India after crossing Indian Borders mainly via airports. Moreover, vaccination drive must be faster to all while maintaining all relevant records of persons. THIS MUST BE IMPLEMENTED IN WORDS & SPIRITS COMPULSORILY. *A CITIZEN'S SUGGESTION* more  
It is heartening to see that Govt.of India have taken steps instruct / direct all State controllers to act quickly to stop the black marketing and stop exports at once. stopped....This is not sufficient. The GOI should cancelled license of all such retailers, who hord and blackmarket these essential drug . Moreover, THE BEST THING TO BE DONE AT THIS JUNCTURE IS THAT THE REMDESIVIR PRODUCING PHARMAS (I WAS TOLD THAT THERE ARE 3 OR 4 PHARMAS IN INDIA) supply directly to the HOSPITALS through the Health Departments of the State Governments and should not be distributed to the private pharmacies, because Remdesivir injection is given only to the INPATIENTS admitted in the hospitals. If need be this medicine under prescription could be sold in exceptional cases. more  
Black Marketing, Adulteration, Corrupt Practices r chronic since 2 and 1/2 Decades. Who and How to setrighr Congress patronised illdoung EXCEPT THE JUDICIARY .
Evertime must be a Duty bound Citizen in dischargoing Responsibility more  
And this blackmarketing ttook u 9 months to control and thousands of lost lives. Why not cancelled license of all such retailers, distributors and stockists who did that. But u cant do it coz of absence of a law or nexys with inspectors. more  
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