Personal Cleanliness - What do you do

I may be permitted place before you all the activities my family is doing on each day to keep the home cleanliness :-
1. Sweeping of each room twice in a day including
usage of phenol one time.
2. Cleaning of Kitchen & toilets with proper sanitary
3. Disposal of waste to KMC Trolley on each day at
9 A.M except on Sundays & Holidays.
4. Arranging cleaning of Staircase on each Sunday.
5. Taking bath twice on each day with proper Soap /
oil or Shampoo once in a week.
6. Washing hands with Soap or running water prior
to take any foods.
7. Changing clothing each day and getting the same
water washed on plane water and followed by
proper cleaning by detergent powder.
8. Requesting neighbor to follow proper Hygienic
Steps to keep the locality clean including removal
of bush / jungles/ cleaning of drains.
9. Using mosquito removal "Dhup" or other products
during night.
10. Using Mosquito Net ( " MOSHARI") on each

I trust that the members of this circle are definitely following the above steps and or any other steps to keep the Home & Locality proper cleanliness.
Shyamal Dey Biswas, Management Consultant & Social Worker more  

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Mr. Biswas, Your letter seems to indicate that you are actually doing everything a house-proud person would do for himself/herself...which is very good. But what about OUTSIDE your house? Are your drains clean? Who collects your garbage? If you have servants, are their quarters in good repair? Do they have proper facilities such as a toilet? Running water? Did you or your Family burst crackers and bombs on Diwali to add to the toxic pollution of an already heavily polluted city? Are you careful NOT to leave any stagnant water lie around, either in coolers or anywhere outside your house where the fatal mosquito which causes Dengue can breed? Are you a strong advocate to denounce noise pollution or do you also subscribe to our notion of a “”good time”” by blowing the brains out of your neighbour’s heads with loud music for any celebration/puja/festive time? Is your car regularly serviced so that there is no ejection of toxic fumes ? Do you have it pollution checked regularly? And I hope your children and you do not throw rubbish out of your car window? As many car owners do? There is really so much more a person can do to keep his environment clean, other that wipe his floors, shampoo his/her hair and dust his house. But thank you for trying. more  
Inside the house and compound is the responsibility of the house owner. But keeping the street clean is being attended by sweeper of municipality regularly. But some of the contractors are not deploying their staff in case of leave or otherwise. more  
Your all suggestions are good except one point "use of mosquito removal product they all are very harmful for human beeing please avoide these product and aply cleanliness and mosquito nett to save from mosquitos. more  
I Support you but in Metropolitan Cities do not have sufficient water source to bath twice a day. And, we have reduced mopping to twice a week from daily due to lack of water. Finally doing anything with Hard Water will be totally ineffective.. Mopping floor with hard water will spoil the Tiles / Marbles, Washing clothes with hard water will make them rigid and faded. Bathing on Hard water with Soap / Bar / Shower Gel / Shampoo will only worsen the health of the skin. So, RO installation becomes a must and we cannot do that in rental houses.. ???!!!??? more  
First start from school kids. tell them the benefits of cleanliness.womenfolk tend to be attentive if they are repetedly addressed and also to some extent help them to better ways to do things. Then turn on to menfolk and finally the area wherein the total cleanliness is neede by periodic meeting with local persons, more  
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