Medanta Cardiologist Pankaj Gupta daughter Liveshiya were run over by Haryana Roadways bus and both died on the spot. The driver was speeding and tried to overtake a vehicle from the wrong side.Police said the driver, 32-year-old was immediately arrested, but was given bail later.

Now I really wonder how people of the family will come to terms with fact that the duo-Father and daughter will never come back.

More than this I am surprised that the murderer who committed this while overtaking was given bail-This is really shocking and the fear is sending shill down my spine.
This clearly indicates loopholes in law which allow a driving murderer go free within hours of his committing such a gruesome crime.

How will the departed souls rest in peace learning what happened after they were murdered. Alas! There are questions but no answers. more  

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@ Arindham..this is really sad more  
"Law and Order".....what is that, by the way, in this our motherland? Nothing less than a public revolution will shake the government and the complacent section of the public finally groom the existing laws into practical ones, but most of all to have the wherewithals and desire to "implement" them. There's a saying in German viz "Vertrauen its gut, ager Kontrolle its besser", which means "It's good to trust, but "checking/controlling" is better". In other words, existing laws if not actually implemented and pursued/applied are useless..... So long as the traffic police controller can be bought off for fifty odd rupees, no Law and Order will succeed in this country... more  
British gave us our laws a century back and we inserted only loopholes in them in the name of updation if any. more  
Arindam, I can put myself in your shoe and feel what you have been through. Your experience was very traumatic and I feel my hair raise on end and a chill down my spine. more  
You see, you are talking about a state called "HARYANA". Let me repeat it loud and clear "HARYANA"... You can get a bail if you have 500 in your pocket, its not a big deal... The only solution to this kind of crime is nothing but the VIGILANTE JUSTICE, what you call in HINDI as KHOON KA BADLA KHOON... The bus driver, SON OF A BITCH Harish Singh knew pretty well that nothing much is going to happen to him and the case will remain stuck in the court for ages... All he needs to do is to pay some amount per month to the judge... I say DRAG THE BASTARD OUT AND RUN HIM OVER VERY SLOWLY IN-FRONT OF HIS FAMILY THE WAY HE DID TO THE MAN AND THE POOR CHILD... You must be thinking that I am not talking sense and completely driven by emotions but just give it a thought, the only reason we have crimes in our country is that we do not have the fear of law, so NO FEAR OF LAW is as good AS NO LAW. We need to take matter in our hands now. I have seen my 5 year old cousin being run over by a truck right in from of me, I was so close that I could hear his bones cracking under the wheels... need I say anything more...!!! The only way to instill fear in criminals is to give them "DEATH by MUTILATING" more  
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