India’s adding 1 lakh cases every 4 days

Yesterday India crossed 8.2L COVID19 cases & 22145 deaths. 27761 cases & 520 deaths y'day alone. Days to reach each 1 lakh:
Cases growing daily 3.4% (doubling ≈ 20 days) & deaths 2.4%. 1M cases expected by July 3rd week. TPR 9.8%

If anyone is telling you that India has got Covid 19 in control, they are lying. Things are not under control and will be out of control soon if strong decisive actions are not taken very fast. more  

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The spread of COVID19 is increasing day by day. The public are not conscious inspite of stringent steps taken by the government. However, the percentage growth in India is a matter of satisfaction. more  
Timembound Treatment of ENT issues, Home Quarantine is Must more  
There is nothing that Governments can do here if people don't behave responsibly. People have to blame themselves for the spike in Covid and death due to Covid. there cannot be lock down for indefinite period and the economy will suffer and people will die due to starvation if the lock down continues. more  
Cases will go on soaring if people do not take precautions like wearing a mask, keep social distancing, avoiding crowds, avoiding staying in rooms without proper ventilation, avoiding ac rooms, taking precautions whenever meeting relatives/friends/servants/bodyguards/drivers, etc, Even educated people including many prominent personalities, ministers, judges, etc are not taking the required care to avoid catching or spreading the virus. Chances of catching the virus is less than one percent if these precautions are taken. more  
Correctly found ROOT Cause. Thanks.Treatment to start. Other Diseases are ROUTING TO CORONA more  
This is July-beginning and it all started wef March in our Indian Districts in India's States as you know. In fact, we need Covid-19-carona District Collectors appointed separately on 5-year contract-basis exclusively devoting their time and energy to the matters of Covid-19-carona portfolio . The District studies will have to be oriented as follows to facilitate both carona eradication and preservation of economic prospects . The Indian Districts , according to me are classifiable aptly into the 1. Coastal area ones, 2. Land-locked ones, 3. Non-coastal ones, 4. Temperature-high ones, 5. Forest-rich ones , 6. Water-rich ones, 7. Water-scarcity ones, 8. Rain-rich ones, 9. Oil-exporting ones, 10.Mineral-exporting ones and finally, 11.Resource-scarce ones . Indians do have responsible Central & Regional & Local Governences guided by many expert & professional personnel from the medical disciplines of the Indian-ingenuity with the qualitative-sense of Cleverness+Inventiveness+Skill Potentails on the Covid-19. Regulatory Mechanisms wrt Lock-downs+ Relaxations+Special Permissions such that the virus alone gets knocked-down leaving a safe passage for lives +economies would be from the side of the State & Local Governments besides the overall Centre as care-taker and warner. It may be as follows. Plan A:-- Covid-19 Tested Positive Citizens will have to move out on Mondays & Fridays only. Plan B:-- Covid-19 Tested Negative Citizens will have to move out on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays & Sundays only. Plans A & B will be practised subject to the Covid-19 Test Certification becoming 'mandatory' in respective States with Citizens instructed to carry Test Certificate just like their individual Personal Identity Card (PIC). Maturity matters when the Medical World becomes helpless and medical knowledge is shown its limitations. From the size of the population to quality of life, everything surrenders to Global Epidemic. This is not a continual World. This is a continuous World. Every time Pandemics occurred, the continuous World has stood on its own legs and displayed introspected maturity. Positivism shifts its meaning contextually. This time of Carona in the 21st century, we say Carona positivism is not great but Carona negativism has greatness in it. At this moment, India is not lagging behind in the discovery of Vaccines since as per definite information circulated, there are Indian candidates successful at the discovery of anti-COVID Vaccine and also, human trials are in progress. One Indian brand-name, I can give is Covaxin. However, medical and non-medical statistical tabulations from various victim-Districts are generated from time to time but to no avail except dissemination of victim-hood without district-action-points on potential single-dosage-chemistry for Covid's leg-before-wicket-knockout from inside the human body. Also, as per recent information, it is said that up to the year-end of 2022 from now-onward, populations in families have to live and co-exist with the COVID, no matter air-borne or human-cell-absorbing or deep-inside humans or around humans or any-matter-material-outsourced-unawareness-of-human minds all over the Globe. See the specialist visible in my attachment hailing from Switzerland to represent the esteemed WHO ( World Health Organization) in matters of Covid-19's supreme Carona Viruses saying the above. Individuals who like to not to expose themselves to the Medics due to bitter shyness & shamefulness (from both the male and female genders) about their Covid-19 apprehensions too have multiple simplistic remedial-measures publicized locally within their reach throughout the Indian Districts aforementioned by me . Also, in these carona-civid-19-days, a wife need not cook for a husband and a husband need not cook for a wife as there is already the prescribed Indian age-old tradition in place called the 'Swayam-Pakam' for stable-healthy-condition of stomach-to-soul. The above helps to facilitate covid-19's infections' contact-tracing and/or contractual-tracing as a wife does not be sure where a husband outsourced the infections and/or a husband does not be sure where a wife outsourced the infections in the Districts more  
A trade of fear has been created world wide and its been happily carried out by effectively indian government. Corona is the only name changed but this virus has been detected earlier also in the form of hanta virus, H1N1, swine flu etc. Corona is the biggest scandal of the millennium which cost the lives of many of private sectors employees, economic down/crash. The theory has been well defined and explained by Dr. Vishwaroop Roy chaudhary. Even he has met with Dr. Harsh Vardhan and explained about his complete theory with proofs but the government is blind and simply following the most idiot organisation of the world which is WHO. Even main stream media of india is completely biased and sold they are not even giving platform to Dr. Vishwaroop to present his findigs with proof. He gave interview to APN news, Haryana and the link was available on you tube but later it was deleted just like his own channel and all other previous videos. Trust me there is not such disease like CORONA it is an influenza like disease and all the queries has been duly and completely explained by Mr. Vishwaroop on youtube but it has been deleted hence it is available on his website. Just follow DIP diet by Dr. Vishwaroop roy chaudhary and the complete disease even the deadliest cancer, BP, Sugar, thyroid etc can be cure and DIP diet is only consist of fruits, vegetables, fibrous diet and complete home made lunch and dinner. Lockdown cannot stop spreading the so called Corona disease in india. Even the cases has gone up since unlock. Then why government is again and again imposing lock down? more  
True. Untreated ENT, Neumonia catching Corona. ICMR to clarify more  
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