We the consumers are at a loss on the agressive advertisements by the Manufacturers .
Should we go on the Price and buy ?
Otherwise onwhat other Parameters ?

*Dabur – 500 Gm – Rs. 189/ Pure Honey

*Organic / Wild Honey – 500 Gm ranges rom Rs. 300/ to 600

* Manuka Honey 400+- MGO 400+ 100% Pure New Zealand Honey, 500 Gm on Amazon.com ... Price: $66.44 (Rs. 4,686/)& FREE Shipping.

MGO is Methylglyoxal (MGO) is a naturally occurring chemical present in New Zealand Manuka honey. It is measured in terms of numbers like 250+ to 400 +

Kindly compare the comparative Energy that is derived from 100Gm .

A prize conscious person like me would also lok into how much energy will a 100 Gm of honey will give for Rs. 100/ more  

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Satyapal ji, you rightly said age is no barrier for learning .
The enrgy producing and releasing system was ingrained well by the company while inroducing Evion (Vit E - an anti Oxydant ) .
The 3 systems of energy is graphically represented well in the attachment .
You also get some interesting information on the web address.
Once carbs is exhausted , then Fats are tapped and finally Proteins . The weight reduction schemes give various exercis schedules in a way that the fats are burnt .

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWe8vtztW-4 more  
One never stops learning......
Until now I never looked at the Energy 100g of honey could generate.

One also hears that sugar too is a source of energy......
Could one or should one deduce that sugar plays a role in energy-data printed on the honey jar ? more  
Ensuring the purity of honey is the prime job and company marketing fake products should be penalized heavily more  
Many of the Honey products are not pure, but by product of sugar. FSSAI is certifying on which strength. more  
Regarding authenticity & genuineness of Honey , the right indicator is your own tongue . As they harvest we have also tasted them . The taste remains almost the same for honey collected from different areas and seasons . There may be difference in flavours like eucalyptus, coffee , Neem, manuka depending on the flowering season . Now these flavours can be also added by commercial companies .

Next is MGO - is a rating based on the Natural Honey content harvested from the natural hives around the Manuka flowers in Switzerland .That ranges from 250+ to 400 + rating . Price depends on the rating .

We as kids have stayed close to the honey harvesting in the wild as well as from the Bee farms . Never failed to taste straight from the nature .That taste still is in memory . So when ever I taste Honey from the market , I am able to compare . I had to taste all the brand mentioned in the posts and also Manuka Honey from Switzer land, as my aging parents were taking regularly .

Manuka Honey came closest , next that came close was Marthandam Honey with the nutritional Factors close to Manuka Honey . Whenever people came from Australia or Switzerland they provide Manuka , other times I settled for Marthandam Honey .

Kindly compare the nutritional facts attached here as well as the one in the main post . more  
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