Good Blood Circulation - What to do

1. Walk
Walking is good for your health, and in case of heart, it can do wonders. Walking improves the blood circulation in your body as it pumps more blood into your heart. Also, invest in good-quality shoes for your walk because bad shoes would do more harm to your body than the benefits reaped from walking.

2. Avoid Stress
Stress is not good for your heart, especially when your heart is not good at circulating blood. While it's not easy to avoid stress, you can definitely take out some time to de-stress yourself. The best thing to do to relieve yourself from stress is meditation. Sit in a dim-lit room and take deep breaths, focusing only on positive energies.

3. Diet
Try and include a salad with green leafy vegetables, cucumber, sweet ball peppers, onions, and olives in your diet for an improved blood circulation. These items are rich in iron and vitamins C and K, which would cleanse your blood and help in improving the blood flow.

4. Water
As 80% of your body comprises water, it's obvious that you need to keep yourself hydrated to avoid health issues. However, when it comes to the circulatory system, water intake takes a major role. When you have enough water in your body, the blood flows easily through your body, leading to an improved circulation.

5. Posture
Believe it or not, but a correct posture is very important for your circulatory system. Sitting with a bent spine or with your legs crossed for a long period of time is majorly responsible for poor blood circulation, and you can correct it by sitting with a straight back, sucked-in stomach and both feet on the ground. more  

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Thanks for the info Naina.... more  
thanks for the info... can somebody suggest a easy yoga for it also ? more  
Though there is nothing new in your post but can act as a reminder. Thx more  
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