Potential causes of eczema are:
*Factors that cause the skin to become dry, which in turn affects the skin's barrier function
*Immune system dysfunction causing an unwanted inflammatory response in the skin.
*Certain substances or conditions called trigger factors can cause eczema to flare (ie: become worse). These trigger factors can be:
- Irritants such as soaps and detergents, wool, skin infections, dry skin, low humidity, heat, sweating or emotional stress.
- Allergens such as dust mites, pollen, moulds or foods.

So let us go for the Preventative measures :
The following may help alleviate the symptoms and prevent future outbreaks of eczema:
# Use pure cotton or cotton mixtures instead of wool or synthetics
# Do not use soap. Instead add bath oils to bath water and use emulsifying ointment or a water dispersible cream instead of soap
# Avoid enzyme detergents and fabric softeners when washing clothes as these can irritate the skin
Avoid foods that are known to provoke allergic reactions such as peanuts, eggs, seafood, milk, soy and chocolate
# Direct use of antiseptics and solvents should also be avoided
# Environmental factors, such as heat, sunlight and cold can irritate the condition. If this is the case, protect the body from them or avoid them as much as possible
# Use a humidifier in winter and summer
# Moisturise the skin. Washing with water alone rapidly results in drying, but adding oil to water will moisturise dry, eczema-prone skin effectively. Discuss with the doctor what is available. It may take some time and experimentation to find the best product for the child
# Bandages can be used to stop scratching at night. Cotton mittens can be especially helpful
Fingernails should be kept short to decrease the damage caused by scratching.

Preventive measures being followed
@ the aggravation and severity of the disease will be controlled .
@ and the likely infections can be avoided ( Skin that is broken and damaged due to constant scratching is more likely to be infected by bacteria )
@ the oozing is also controlled .


When theree is flare ups , analyse how even after following all the above if unable to fgure out , visit Doctor more  

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Anil Sharma has given some good tips . There are 2 types of wrapping (Covering) as shown in the attachment . Wet Wrapping and dry wrapping .

Wet Wrapping is to apply recommended ointment and cover it with cotton bandage cloth .
Dry Wrapping is to wrap withoit ointment to avaoid contact or exposure . Very often Crickers are seen wearing elbow wear .

For convenience these are available for specific parts of the body , like elbows, knees , fingers and vests and underwear . Thay are called Eczema "REMEDY WEAR " more  
I was having Eczema since childhood and I tried many medicines. However, someone has suggested me to use Dipsalic ointment regularly and more particularly after itching. It was cured. more  
The most important factor is to keep the skin hydrated at all times. Use Ayurvedic moisturizing soaps for bathing. After bathing massage with pure (virgin) coconut oil (Parachute pure coconut oil is best).
Drink plenty of water during the day. If the itching is persistent apply ice pack on the affected part to reduce it. Take bath only with cold water (no hot or warm water). Use only cotton clothes (no synthetics). If skin has infection (swollen, reddish) one can apply itch-guard cream (or as advised by doctor). It is anti bacterial and anti fungal, cooling and has moisturizing effect.
As per Ayurveda this is caused by the aggravated Pitta and Vayu doshas. The most important part in the diet is to avoid all spicy, sour (pickles etc.) and sugar based sweets from the diet. One can consume Jaggery (or gud) with desi ghee. Avoid tea and coffee. One can have green tea (without milk and Sugar).
Drink juice of fresh cut lemon dissolved in 2 glasses of cold water in the morning on empty stomach. Do not take anything for an hour after this. more  
Thanks Jayakumar. more  
Whenever there is itching in any part of your body - be it Eczema or allergy - please apply clean water jet for some time instead of using nails or instead of applying any medicine.

You are actually washing away the irritant chemicals which is causing the itching.

When this does not stop itching - Put some "coconut oil, pinch of Turmeric and Lemon drops" mixture as and when it becomes dry and starts itching. There may be little burning because of Lemon drops. NOT to be applied inside eyes or inside ears.

When this 2nd solution also does not work - please consult a Skin Doctor. more  
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