E484K coronavirus variant neutralising antibodies

This is from a school classmate in USA. Basically saying E484K coronavirus variant from Brazil is neutralising Covid antibodies and may evade the vaccine. So localcircles please escalate this to decision makers and ask them to ban flights from South America in addition to UK South Africa.

You know how the world put travel bans against UK travel out of fear of the B117 more contagious variant? Well, now, UK put travel ban from Latin America & Portugal because U.K. thinks Brazil COVID19 variant is worse.

At least two coronavirus variants are currently circulating in Brazil, and at least one has slipped its borders, traveling to Japan. Japanese authorities found one of those variants in four people traveling from Brazil earlier this week...

The variant contains a mutation that has been linked with higher contagiousness, similar to the variant found in UK and another in South Africa. Like the variant found in South Africa, the one exported from Brazil to Japan also carries a mutation that may weaken the efficacy of vaccines

This same mutation has also been identified in the other coronavirus variant recently discovered in Brazil. Experts have cautioned, however, that it would be very difficult for new variants of the coronavirus to evade vaccines entirely.

The Brazil variant Has been renamed to B1128– more specifically B.1.1.28(K417N/E484K/N501Y). There is another one called B.1.1.28(E484K)—both have the problematic E484K mutation that can escape antibodies!

Why are we so worried about this one? Because like the South Africa B1351 variant, the new ones also have the E484K mutation. In a recent study, E484 mutation (inside the SARSCoV2’s spike’s critical receptor binding domain) seemed to escape neutralizing antibodies—bad.

Well, How much escape? the E484K shows a 10x reduction of neutralization (“neutralization” = stopping the virus)
by various antibodies compared to wildtype (common SARSCoV2) in some patients —a rather bad thing. It means the virus with E484K is worrying for “immune escape”. more  

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1-2-3. Mask, Hand sanitizing, Social distancing. again 1-2-3. Keep on doing so ling Corona is alive. more  
The dangerous effect of the COVID virus variant has been reduced. Let the countries concentrate on back ground in the evolution of Corona virus. Is it the creation of Chine scientists. more  
If you care about the well being in the whole, stop posting this sort of useless junk. Try posting issues that is going to help the country move to better days after this horrible virus. Thank you very much. more  
Useful message. But, no use to tell present insensitive govt here. Their prime intention is to get more persons infected, hospitalised, hospitals loot them, some 50:50 goes to govt. I am very serious while writing this reply. more  
do you mean to say that the current vaccine will not work for against those two variants? I think the medical/pharma mafia is taking the human beings as real gineapigs. Govt can only agree to what they say and execute. Sorry state of affairs. God can also not help in this situation. more  
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