Don't Equate Alcohol and Opium to Party Drugs

3 national weekly magazines have a front page headline details comparing Alcohol with party drugs !

Ignorance is Not Bliss.

Party drugs are Not Only Marijuana which is grown in Himachal Pradesh & Farmers are given Incentives to boost farming of Marijuana.

Amphetamines were used during late seventies as a weight reducing medicine to suppress appetite & was available over the counter without Prescription.

Lots of untoward side effects were noticed & it was withdrawn from the market & made a Prescription Psychotropic Drug

I am surprised by Western concept of unleashing medicines First & then removing Drugs after earning a reasonable profits through sales of untested medicines made available Over the Counter !

Marijuana Can be Equated with Alcohol or Opium ( both forbidden & addictive )??

Maybe Yes & Maybe No because all of the above are Painkillers & Can be given for a short duration of time.

Ask a person about the amounts of Bone Pain felt,just after a Fracture or a Bypass Surgery where Sternum is cut & sewed again ?

Ask a Mother of a toddler having colicky pains or coughing non stop ?

I am Not Justifying use of Opium but in certain conditions, This is the Only Choice-Opium & its derivatives like Codeine

Marijuana is a Cash Crop of States Like Himachal Pradesh because of various Eco friendly Uses.

It's Fiber is Used to make Uniforms for Soldiers & the Cloth is Warm,can withstand Cold weather ,is Eco friendly Unlike Easily Available Synthetics Or Rapidly Declining Woolens made from Pure Wool.

Amphetamine is the Devil Incarnate.

Amphetamine has many variants.

Amphetamines can lead to Suicidal Tendencies,besides other behavioral changes.

Amphetamines Are Addictive.

The Person dealing in Sale & Purchase of Amphetamines is Not a Consumer.

This Person is Always on a Lookout for a Vulnerable Target.

This Person Can Mix the drink with a bit of Amphetamine & Create a Temporary HIGH,getting accolades in return, trying to be a Social Climber & Socially Connected.

Some of the failed doctors from AIIMS were Selling Amphetamines & Posing as Medical Insurance Agents who Were Rolling in Money Along with Their Associates Settled Abroad. ( Misuse of Brand AIIMS ).

No Wonder that India Needs a Special Agency-NCB, National Narcotics Bureau to Deal with Agents of Death & Destruction.

People who are hooked on to National Weeklies or are on Social Media,should IGNORE people Who Are Justifying Use of Drugs & Equating drugs with Derivatives of Opium & Alcohol more  

My post is Difficult to understand?
I have seen headlines in 3 weekly magazines of repute
Equating drugs with consumption of alcohol isn't justified
Equating drugs with smoking isn't same as both are bad for the health
Learned people read English magazines
These editors are trying to dilute the case of drug abuse in our country
Read carefully about amphetamines and this is the most dangerous
Marijuana which is less dangerous than amphetamines can cause side effects like dementia
Learned people are trying to dilute the matter as if it's a routine
Comparison with Sadhus smoking pot during Kumbh is not right
Sadhus may have given up on world 🌎
But our Youth gets affected because of filmy people who are role models for growing up minds
Take care and get medicines online
Your neighborhood chemists can sell psychotropic drug like Alprazolam ,if you find trouble getting sleep
Visit a doctor through telemedicine and get proper treatment if you feel that neighborhood nursing home is fleecing more  
I wish that people who write about social issues are MA English!! more  
We get you but you literally need to work on your punctuation. Your text is barely readable. more  
Your post is not coherent. Please post with proper description. more  
This post is not helpful .. more  
This is the most important issue that tender true confirmation by ICMR. Use as Medicine on Prescription Sustains, promotes Health gives Relief for A LIFE .
But Use of Drugs and Liquor for Other than above Essential Necessities SHALL BE BANNED SINCE THEY CREATE MULTIPLE UNSAFE , UNSOCIAL/ INHUMAN EXCITEMENTS , PROVOCATIONS and even are useful in Avoidable Unlawful Sex/Rape in true Sense BESIDES RESULTING IN EASED WAY OF MURDERS.
There are Some Such Avoidable Torturing issues that have been Carried/Neglected DECADES TOGETHER AND NEED REQUISITE REFORMS . more  
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