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COVID IS NEARER TO YOU THAN YOU THINK: A personal update, last month me & 4 other members of my family, my father, mother, wife & sister turned covid +. All 5 of us are doctors & got exposed at our hospital which is treating Covid patients.

After going through some of d most difficult days of my life, I thot of penning down the experience, to help all of u avoid wat I had to go thru by being cautious & d only way to avoid COVID is to be MADLY PARANOID. THINK OF EVERY PERSON U MEET, EVERY SURFACE U TOUCH AS COVID +.

We’re in the midst of a grave war against a submicrobe which only replicates in living cells. Outside living cells it’s a dead crystal. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR HOME. I cannot stress on this enough. If you have to don’t without your MASK, FACE SHIELD & GLOEVS (Min gear that you need)

BUILD SANCTITY of your HOUSE. No external object including a human should step inside without proper sanitization,mask,shield,gloves. 70% of covid in house of a non HCW (healthcare worker) is outside induced (passive). Whatever delivery is coming at your doorstep = SANITISATION.

Have your househelp reside at ur residence, if that’s not possible do your own cleaning, cooking, but at any cost avoid external presence at ur home. Fumigate ur home once every week. 70% Ethanol sanitizer liquid should be sprayed as if its free, use it as much as possible.

With this chances of being covid+ r low,bt if u do,heres wat to do. DO NOT PANIC,more than physical ailments it’s the mental 1’s that make you go mad. Specially when you have your entire family on a ship which is heading towards a 'mental' tsunami, FEAR: false evidence appearing

What helpd me was MELATONIN, it induced sleep for the past 30 days & I tried to be with the sun as much possible,that made me stay away from long nights & negative thoughts.Coming on to symptoms.Our family had strong symptoms,High fever,excruciating body pain,loss of taste &cough
Mostly the symptoms vain off by 12 days by symptomatic treatment. I used to monitor my temperature, SPO2, Pulse Rate & Resp Rate, 4 hourly, have attached a sheet for ref. That helped me understand if any of the family members are going into ARDS (Acute Resp Distress Syndrome)

This infection is brutal on MALES above the age of 55, specially with comorbidities of diabetes,hypertension & heart ailments,majority of the mortality is seen here. Reading more, I took a call to admit both my parents to Apollos critical care & started O2 as the SPO2 ws falling

This was the most horrific birthday(14 Jun)of my life wen I saw my dads lungs clogging with opacities also called White Out Lung (covid),We took a call of starting REMDESIVIR(Anti Viral),DEXAMETHASONE(Steroids)& TOCLIZUMAB(IL6 inhibhitors),as I was worried about cytokinin storm

These 3 drugs worked like magic, & within 72 hours on June 17th 2020, on my dads birthday, his lungs started clearing out & he started showing drastic improvements. Now both my parents are back home & on road to healthy recovery, with my parents resuming their work.

HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE (HCQ): My mother took HCQ as prophylaxis whereas my father didn’t, my fathers infection was 15 times more severe than my father. I think HCQ as a prophylaxis is a must for all HCW, but pls do an ECG before each dose & consult your doctor if you have heart cndtn

GET TESTED: If you have fever, dry cough, body pain get tested, its all about early action & as it takes 3 days for the results of the test to come, isolate yourself from your family, I made a mistake here. I should have isolated in time.
Get an SPO2 monitor & keep monitoring ur O2 levels,85% chances are that you wont have to go to the hospital,but be extremely cautious of reporting ur vitals.Paracet, Ivermectol, & a lot of Ayurvedic stuff which my mother forced me to take (I don’t know whether that worked or not

STEAM & GARGLES work wonders, as it reduces the viral load, keep evacuating the sputum collected in the nasopharynx, Respiratory exercises & breathing via respirator equipment proves to help in keeping the alveoli inflated.Tulsi,garlic,kadha,ashwagandha,haldi,amla,vitc/d wrkd.

If you have an elder in your family, pls pls take extra caution to the extent that have ur cleaners wear PP kits while cleaning their rooms,my grandfather didn’t get infected because of that.Its an extremely minute organism & replicates & transmits very quickly,maintain al precn

I realized that health >>>>> wealth/influence.Health is happiness!Post this episode I realized the value of family, what it is to have existence of parents,at times we take for granted. In dis world so many children are loosing their parents,just because of a virus

We lost a very dear familyfriend Dr. A Gupta to covid & so many HCW are exposed worldwide.V at our hospital we hv gt 10 HCW’s infected while treating patients,pls empathise wid HCWs theyre putting their lives at risk & you can help them by being inside

Delhi/Mumbai/Chennai DO NOT HAVE THE INFRASTRUCTURE to support rampant covid cases, we will be helpless if we don’t get our daily numbers down, we’re looking at a 50,000 cases/ day future, we don’t have ventilators, personnel & infra to support this. BE INSIDE, STAY SAFE more  

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The first two points as anonymous c member is mine only. accidently i touched the send button. more  
how come you are affected? As the virus has to reach the naso - pharyngeal region first and then has to travel to the lungs, in case of HCW where is the loophole?
When we go out we wear a mask, head and body cover (dress/ cap), gaugles, socks, slipper, etc.
When we carry a sanitizer, take care not to touch the mask front side, and sanitize before touching any surface and after also. we come home wash the body, everything on the body with soap/ sanitizer as applicable, all material purchased or carried by are sanitized. The surface where we walk and go to the wash room are cleaned with soap water. Before entering the house hands are sanitized. If any body rings the door bell it is sanitized. Paper docs are kept for minimum 72 or even 144 days. Still the only maxim is frequently wash hands and donot touch your face without washing the hands.
I suppose these much care is enough.
Yoga, gargle, pranayama, immunity booster, are taken like lemon water, Ginger based product/ churna, fruits, healthy food, keeping our self happy by what ever means.
I donot think any body(not HCW) can do more than this. Hence i require to know if any thing more is required. I also require your feedback re my queries.

I also have a technical query. Why rapid testing is used for surveillance only (antibody). RT PCR is used for testing the patient in house. Why?
In some cases they say there are no symptoms. In such cases whether the persons' immunity level
is presumed to be high or in how many days there chances of such person getting affected. There can be many more questions like why not test every body, atleast in places where the counts are going up.
If i am not taking away your time i expect a feed back. i know you all are helpful in nature.
Rgds more  
I am continuing from the above points. All five of you are Doctors and if you are in close contact with the Covid patients, even after use of PPE KITS more  
Ms.Shikha Chhabra,
First of all I appreciate for sharing your experience re Covid. The points given by you will be surely
helpful. However I need to confirm certain points more  
Thanks for Guiding...

Meanwhile, Do you have any further advise/update since after you All have thankfully recuperated ? more  
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