Coronavirus or Influenza - where to sit on a plane

If in a flight and worried about Catching coronavirus or influenza or swine flu sit in a Window seat friends.

The attached helps pinpoint the safest places to sit. The passengers who were least likely to get up were in window seats: only 43 percent moved around as opposed to 80 percent of people seated on the aisle.

Accordingly, window seat passengers had far fewer close encounters than people in other seats, averaging 12 contacts compared to the 58 and 64 respective contacts for passengers in middle and aisle seats.

Choosing a window seat and staying put clearly lowers your likelihood of coming into contact with an infectious disease. But, as you can see in the accompanying graphic, the team’s model shows that passengers in middle and aisle seats—even those that are within the WHO’s two-seat range—have a fairly low probability of getting infected. more  

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There should be some social disincentive and condemnation for circulating fake and unfound news. Also collaborating with unscrupulous elements for overcharging services creating fear psychosis more  
I don't believe this. Corona is a virus. Virus spread through air. In the aircraft the same air is cooled and circulated back in. You touch a contaminated backrest or some object and virus enter. It survives for hours on metal and two days on fabric. China is closing all roads to Wuhan and fogging the city with giant machines. It looks more serious than made out to believe. It is even thought to be a biological weapon. So the unpredictable nature of its spread. Is it a slow killer? Can you breath in the virus? No direct answers for these. There is no defensive protocol against this as the checks and balances are being evolved. So follow the advice of health ministry and no shortcuts. more  
Why only underline air travel? What about train travel, bus travel,...... or shopping (whether in a mall or in a grocery shop) or even walking in street? The disease is so contagious that such patients need be treated in total isolation of other patients. Doctors, nurses and other care givers have to wear special suits (akeen to those of astronauts) which they have to give up for disinfection after their visits to such patients. more  
One more ground for Air Lines to increase their unreasonable charges for window seats. Also will they , now reduce the charges for Aisle seats? more  
The Madras high court has directed the State Government to file a report on steps taken to check the spread of nCoV . Anyway Sarita ji, the attachment is the limit when citizens are running helter skelter on the issue.Thank goodness the number of infected in India is just 3 and being contained well , particularly in China , every day the death keeps rising and crossing 1,000 already and number infected shooting to 5 digits . Let us travel only when it is absolutely necessary . more  
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