Can lifts /elevators spread Covid

Modern elevator cabins are generally well-ventilated with design air exchange rates as high as 1 per minute during travel plus additional air exchange when doors open at floors. These two factors indicate that there is relatively low risk of infection from breathing background air in an elevator cabin that might have previously transported an infector or even if you are in a cabin with an infector.
That said, there are still many old elevators in use that are more like a closed box without ventilation. In this case the risk is much higher, and stronger precautions should be taken.
The primary concern in elevators will be close contact (an infector breathing on you or speaking at you or others while facing you) and contaminated surfaces, e.g., floor buttons.
Have as few people as possible at the same time in an elevator. A maximum of four allows a "corner per rider"
Masks should be required of all elevator riders.
No speaking should be allowed, as this significantly increases the number of aerosols (and ballistic droplets) released by an infector relative to breathing.
Riders should avoid touching wall surfaces and should touch floor buttons with a disposable tissue, etc.
Riders should sanitize hands after riding an elevator.
If capable of doing so, it may be safer to take the stairs down. Going up, harder breathing can lead to higher emission of virus-laden aerosols and higher aerosol inhalation, which have to be weighed against the risk of sharing an elevator with others. For stairs that have very few people, taking the stairs should be better. If the stairs have several other people, then it is less clear. Masks should be worn while using stairs.
Be careful about spending too much time in an elevator lobby on the ground floor of a building, where restrictions on number of passengers per car may result in high density and longer than normal duration of presence. more  

Problem is that many of us even when aware of possibilities of spread of Wuhan virus, do not follow prescribed guidelines or procedures. more  
Aren't we proud of it and boast it here, in this platform.The post itself shows the ignorance.Elisha Otis in 1857 never thought of Covid-19 and did not incorporate virus suppression or prevention.The wise men and women may read the post and avoid elevators or staircases and jump from the balcony.At least you will not die of Covid-19 and become a number on the daily score. more  
Mr. Vinayak Rao, as a layman may I ask one question: when one uses elbow or ball point pen, does the virus, if actually present on Lift buttons, not get transferred to one's clothes or body part and stay there for some time more  
Use elbow, umbrella tip or ball pen cap to press buttons instead of fingers more  
As I was reading the post I was reminded of the news a month ago when the secretariate was opened for 50 % staff from the earlier marginal 30% .

Then there were reports and pictures about the norms not being observed . And also the Lift operation and the crowd and sanitization norms. Immediately health authorities swung into action & the norms were strictly adhered . Oherwise each f the employee would have transported to his family across the neighbouring districts.

We all think that one single announcement is sufficient . The above is an example that too at the seat of power and management . Every one is busyand preoccupied with duties to save the citizens and Nation. These are small areas which may be overlooked when discussing at very high level .

Sch posts do serve as reminders noot only to the citizens , but also the ones who matter . more  
Any case histories to prove you theory? Wise people already restricted the number of people to by half on an elevator. And sanitising control panel and hand rails done in residential complexes and hotels.People are wiser but some only post comment and do not practice. more  
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