About dengue mosquitoes

You may be aware that the strains of dengue virus which are circulating this year are the most dangerous one,s.Only solution to prevent dengue fever is to eliminate dengue mosquitoes .To eliminate dengue mosquitoes ,we have to know whether any dengue mosquito is present in an area or not.
Most important areas where transfer of dengue fever from one person to other can take place are schools This is because:-
i)Dengue mosquito bites in morning & schools also open in morning.
ii)concenteration of children at a place is large because of large number of children in schools.
iii)The school children wear small clothes such as shorts skirts ,half shirt or half frock.
iv)School children are transported to & fro from schools by school buses which are usually parked near the schools & may be having dengue mosquitoes if dengue mosquitoes are breeding in or around the school.
If there is breeding in the premises of school ,dengue mosquitoes are visible easily if we stand cautiously at few shady places in the morning or at any time of the day.If there is breeding ,with in seconds , one can see dengue mosquitoes hovering around you or on other person with you.Even mosquitoes are visible on the persons sitting outside the school on say busstop,shops etc if there is breeding in or around school.Dengue mosquitoes have white dots on its legs.We can see white dots when a mosquito is sitting some where or after it is killed .It is easier to see white streaks if the mosquito is kept on a dark surface to give a contrast against which white streaks are easily visible.Number of dengue mosquitoes is very few & they are very thin ,very active .Due to this they are difficult to be seen.One has to be prepared to detect them/find them to be able to see them & show to others but it is not impossible .
School teachers /staff/principal are not aware of this aspect & some one has to learn it & tell them.Even the malaria workers /inspectors /DHO are not aware of it & no efforts are being made by them to learn it.Once dengue mosquitoes are shown to the school staff ,they will become aware ,more alert & will search for more place where the mosquitoes are breeding in and around the school.The presence of dengue mosquitoes will act as a parameter to prove as to whether all sites of breeding have been eliminated or not.If all sites are eliminated ,no dengue mosquito should be visible.
Another most important place is dispensary ,hospital or doctor,s clinic where dengue patients may be there & people have to wait for their turn.In the waiting time infection can be transferred from one to other if dengue mosquitoes are there.
Other areasof importance are coaching centers for school children, the taxi stands ,tea stalls ,market areas ,public offices ,houses /buildings under construction.
Mosquito racket is a useful tool which every one should carry while searching for dengue mosquitoes because it is easy to kill a mosquito by a racket then by hands.One should not feel shy to carry a mosquito racket to his office or to the place where one is going to detect dengue mosquito.
One more thing about breeding place .It is wrong to believe that dengue mosquito cannot breed in dirty water in drains.The fact is that drains are the root/mother causes of dengue breeding as the water in drains is clear enough for its breeding. Dengue mosquitoes can also breed in the old water held in pockets in the tirpals overlying taxi stands,tea stalls ,fruits shops etc
I am sure some of those who read this article will definitely devote some time ,will even take ½ CL for this important task & will post their findings in these pages which will influence others to take similar action. more  

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Dear Meenakshi, I am now 81 and immobile due to family reasons. Otherwise I would have made efforts to bring the subject to the notice of HRD and Health Ministry GOI. I would have made an effort to present CBSE Icse etc. I may have gone to some school managements to start such course in class 7 and 8, where the school managements can make some changes at their will. I presume you are young enough and perhaps you would know some organisation which can do something about it. Success and failure depends upon Almighty but one who u=has made an effort will have the satisfaction of having tried. You can make a personal reply to me glmoondra@gmail.com. Thanks for what you have done. Dr G L Moondra more  
Fogging more of eyewash mechanism to pacify citizens; scientifically very limited effect to control mosquitoes apparently! more  
Yes I agree. Anatomy, Physiology and Hygeine in the school curriculum will go a long way towards inculcating clean habits, beginning at home and in the immediate environment. Meenakshi Datta Ghosh more  
Therefore it is essential that Anatomy, Physiology and Hygiene should be compulsory subject in the school curriculum. This will make millions of young people aware of health hazards. In course of time some of them will become ambassadors for Swachchh Bharat Abhiyan. Our students in high school have a useless subject Life Science which covers many living species including humans, al beit briefly. All that, having no connection with future life, is forgotten in a short time. Instead if human body and its health is taught in greater details it will be much more useful for whole life and will be always remembered. Dr G L Moondra more  
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