Beware of Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Siri

Earlier Google, then Amazon and now Siri, they are listening to your intimate moments or private conversations and some are also sending to random people. Be very careful friends. I am going to raise this in BIS circle also. India must have its own standards for this. more  

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It is hard to say how one can effectively check these companies and their devices. Governments world wide have done little in this area. Consumers should put pressure on them. more  
This fear of Apps is no longer far away. It may have already entered your home and that too with your permission. If having our own standards is the solution, we must ensure that it is set up at the earliest. more  
It is really quite alarming indeed.
One should understand that there are many other devices and services that are monitoring and invading our privacy for their own benefit. All this is happening without any consent from the person whose privacy has been affected.
For example:
1. All the numerous applications that you install on your phone invariably ask you to accept and provide it access to your contacts, emails, photos, messages etc etc and as we are interested in having the app we mechanically accept and grant permission as otherwise it will not get installed at all. It does not give you an opportunity to exercise your choice.
This leaves you and your valuable data including your privacy in the hands of the developers of the particular application.
You have hundreds and thousands of such apps that are being launched every day. There is no restriction nor any regulations to be followed.

2. Even your SmartTV it is understood is capable of invading your privacy. I am given to understand that the Channels use some mechanism to monitor how many programs you watch, how many hours you watch and provide inputs to the marketing agencies to rate the programs and allot niche time to them.

3. Now a days anywhere you go whether it is on the street, shopping malls, even small shops your movements are recorded on security cameras. It is good when used to contain and solve crimes. But, just like a knife this also can be put to inappropriate uses.

4. You have threats of your credit card data being stolen from the ATM's, or even when you are just walking in a crowded place with the credit card in your pocket with the use of technology.

I do not know how safe we are now and how safe one will be in the future. There seems to be no end for the misuse of technology.

Knowledge and Science is more misused than being put to good use. more  
Not just these devices, even your smart phones are listening to the conversations . Whenever we install any new application, we allow access to microphone, gallery, contacts and other sensitive information. Therefore we give right to companies to access our information, location and conversation anytime, anywhere. more  
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