Besides The Fundamental Rights, We Must Also Remem

Why such a lot of debate and resentment over arrest of those who need a lesson in patriotism and respect—and, above all, when they have totally exploited their right to freedom of expression? Remember, we, as taxpayers, do not wish to, in any way, contribute towards harboring anti-national elements—some may call them young, impressionable minds and others, weapons of mass future destruction! Why let their actions cause such a bad reputation to JNU and put its entire lot of students & faculty under scanner? Why defend and encourage them? Let them face the music, learn from their mistakes—if they can—and become responsible INDIAN citizens. Let them understand that saying ‘Bharat Murdabaad’ in the same breath as ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ is not ‘cool’ but shameful. And, to set the record straight, rapists and terrorists should not merely be hanged but stoned to death—if they are old enough to commit a crime, they are old enough to be reprimanded, no excuses acceptable! BTW, going by the available records, most terrorists are highly educated, tech-savvy ‘young’ people who are excellent influencers and a majority of them get away to grow old in the ‘profession’ due to divided (in views and laws) nations and vested interests... more  

Simultaneously,the police should have arrested the politicians who provoked the students and misguided them to continue agitation even after acts of sedition committed.Is it for such anti national acts that these politicians are paid the highest salary and facilities in the country by the tax payers?They are ungrateful to their masters-the people of India . Now they have gone to meet the President of India to justify sedition!Tax payers and true citizens in this country expect that the President of India will advise these erring politicians to perform their duties and responsibilities as they are supposed to do BOTH WITHIN THE PARLIAMENT AND OUTSIDE-NOT TO DISRUPT BUT TO DEBATE,NOT TO PROVOKE BUT TO PERCEIVE.The country is ashamed of these selfish irresponsible and mischievous leaders!It is crystal clear that they are intolerant to the core and behave so just because they lost their almost 7 decades long power.Will they get it back if India disintegrates or gets destroyed either by way of terror or collapse of governance by disrupting the Parliament and then passing the remark that this government does not know how to rule! more  
Patriotism among students is good for the future India. But they should know what will be the consequence if they participate directly in the field. Then raises the question how to show their feeling on any political affairs. Many topics have been talked by not only the students but also by many community people still solution is not being sorted, my request is make a procedure for the students to participate in political matter particularly if it is very serious issues let them be counselled about the consequences they would face before stepping into the action. more  
Today's news of jadavpur varsity students are doing the same as university of Hyderabad students did two days ago,defiance is building .Is it deliberate?Left imbibed jadavpur was leading during Naxalites movement,UOH was leading Telengana movement.Free Dom of expression does not mean that you opine on all decisions of federal government and judiciary and constitution.concentration on academic matters are the aim of joining the institutions. A rule must be made by HR and UGC to take undertaking from students that they will not talk politics and join political movements before giving admission to be countersigned by parents on judicial stamp paper . Parents counseling is the need of the hour. It is breeding contempt for the lawful elected governments. more  
When we got independence,the first task of the Govt should have been to prepare the people for democracy which we have failed.Every voter should know the duty of a citizen.Had this been done,there would not have been criminals,goondas,anti-nationals,supporters of terrorists and separatists,fundamentalists and scamsters would not have been our law makers! more  
The individuality thirst at the imbibe of Foreign Tempos while giving raise for increasing individual sprites of Liberty doubly decreasing the Fundamental Duties and Responsibilities which were originally forgotten but later limitedly addressed . The inclusion specially the separate article 51 A , WAS ONLY DUE TO THE NEGLECT OF APPLICATION OF RESTRICTIVE CLAUSES PARTICULARLY SET FOR EACH RIGHT OR LIBERTY UNDER THE CONSTITUTION . Even the High Courts are not at all insisting the application of these Restrictive clauses while granting any of the Fundamental Rights or Liberties in any case which also lead to liberal utilisation of the individual Rights even if such grants are anti Social and unrest creators in general public . The whole issue is again due to the way the Political Democracy carried at Political Rights . more  
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