Scams & Frauds - WHERE IS THE MONEY

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Indian banking saw frauds worth ₹18,170 cr in FY17: IiAS

Bank of Maharashtra reported the highest number of frauds (3,893), followed by ICICI Bank (3,359) and HDFC Bank (2,319). In terms of quantum, PNB (₹2810 crore) Bank of India (₹2770 crore) and SBI (₹2420 crore) fared the worst.


Similar is the case of Fodder Scam and NPA worth several Lacs of crors of rupees.

It is the Public money, wealth of Nation.

Culprits though convicted in few cases the Million dollar question of Recovering he Amount is still unchecked, unanswered.


Contrarily, simple FIR won't get registered in police station, even to the special cell of ACB for years together and the culprits are Scot free in their illegal acts and activities in incremental manner for decade.

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Frauds are taking place time and again. Bankers are very well aware of what the end result is going to be, the question why the banks are not bothered, answer is very simple, it is not banks money that is being stolen, it is our money, public money, so why should the banks or the governments be concerned, when we the citizens are fools to go the banks and deposit our money in the banks for the White Collared thieves and a few of the bankers gang to loot the public money and run away or claim bankruptcy.................................................... A day will come when we will have to wait in unending lines to take our own money from the banks and the banks will tell us, you can not take out all your savings, as it is a rule made by the Government, and we will give you only the amount that is limited by the Government. Should we wait for that day or withdraw our entire savings from the banks???????????????????????? for a better future and not a future to stand in line and get beaten by the Police as was done during note bandhi...........
As long as there is Section 197 Cr.P.C and Section 19 of the PC Act, the state of affairs will be bad. more  
May 14
Correct. Bankers are guaranteed of Funding by Govt since Nationalized Banks are backed by Government. more  
May 14
The New Bank Fraoud of H'Bad to add over and above the existance. Again several hudred crors of rupees.

As if the Bank personnel's are not aware anything about the financial background of the frudustars.

Surprisingly the fact remained that there is minimal / No recovery till date.

You may name it to have it any of the fraud. more  
May 11
NATIONAL AND PUBLIC interest, CONSTITUTIONAL bindings have been set aside and hence Misappropriations, Loots , Mismanagement of National and Natural Income and Resources too.

MARSHALL ATTEMPT OR PRESENT Rule is the remedy. more  
May 11
NPA ???????

The highest Authority also confirmed the "Phone Pe Loan" given by the Banks and Financial Institutions to the Selected Business Houses and the TOP MOST defaulter alone has to Own Rs. 1.75 Lacs Crors of rupees - Singly.

How the Bank and Financial Institutions had given this Money without required Securities and by violating the Standard Procedure and Banking NORMS.

How, By Whom, to whom, why these money was given is still abeyance.

PM assured the Nation that Not a single Pai will be speared and Govt will make all efforts to recover the money.

This is Grate commitment .
At the same time this Money by the Bank Officials who also enjoyed the Speedy promotions, Lucrative Postings and hefty Perks are still at large, Scot free, even today.

All these Personnel's MUST be brought under the ambit of Law as they are also Hands in glove with the Culprits.

So also the Officials of the Governing Authorities, including Auditors and Vigilance officials as they NOT ONLY FAILED BUT INTENTIONALLY AND DELIBERATELY AVOIDED TO PERFORM THEIR DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES.

Sep 03
Cases of Politicians like those convicted CMs etc. ; IAS, IPS, IFS ; Bank Staff ; witnessed 12 to 14 years whereby many were set Escaped while many Cases set off .
This is why , A CJI had tears in his Eyes ; A CJI opted Joint Meets with Executive ; A CJI Commented on Convicted Politicians Organizing the Political Parties , making his Proxy to Rule ; Press and Media is the Mother .
Inability in delivering Justice since from 90s, Inability in Timely Justice since 1975 , RESULTED IN LOOT OF LAKHS OF CRORES as are found by both the RBI and, the Parliamentary Committee .

The President of India only can direct Judiciary and Supreme Court in such unjustified and undemocratic stature of Governance . more  
Sep 03
The first-ever Break through.
NEWS : The MD and other high profile Personnel's of Bank of Maharashtra are Arrested.

Good news indeed.

Let's hope for the others more  
Jun 23
Since 2 decades, there are increasing incidents where Politicians and Bureaucrats are identified and the cases are pending. Businessmen and Corporates who also had generated Concealed wealth out of the unpaid Bank Loans and , Funds befitted by Funding under Financial provisions of Govt.

Bank Staff are still concealed . more  
Jun 24
The Audit, Vigilance and Supervising System were purposefully diluted and diversified from their Original and basic concept of [1] Duty involved on the Job [2] Purpose and Norms mandates on the Job entrusted [3] The very committed responsibility that Sworn in while taking over the job. THIS WAS SET SINCE AFTER 1995 WHERE THE INDIAN RULERS OPTED free and liberal FDI and , Business on Foreign Collaboration .
This issue has not only spoiled Healthcare and Educational Institutions but also RESULTED IN FISCAL FRAUDS IN THE BUSINESSES , MANUFACTURING AND, THE BANKING TOO .

The 2nd main issues is that the Indian Rulers purposefully set aside the Regulations while opting Funding of these Banks when these Banks that lent to such Businessmen at set NEXUS FACE DRAINED FINANCES DUE TO NON REPAYMENT OF LOANS TAKEN BY THESE SELECTED INSTITUTIONS.
The Auditors, Supervising and Managing Teams whatsoever called had grossly neglected in PROCEEDINGS OF LOAN RECOVERY AND HABITUATED TO ACCRUE TILL SICKNESS CALL FOR EITHER FUNDING BY GOVERNMENT OR, WRITE OFF UNDER " Bad and Doubtful Debts " that provided in Accounting System .

All these Auditors, Supervisory and Managing Executives, Vigilance Staff together the personalities of Finance Secretariats and Ministries ARE TO BE SET FOR STRICT PUNISHMENT AND SEIZURE OF THEIR WEALTH AND INCOME TO BRIDGE THE SET LOSS OF GENERAL PUBLIC AND THE NATION . more  
May 26

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